Kids love going to summer camp because they get to enjoy a bit of freedom and independence. Translation: no Mom or Dad for a whole week. But the downside to this is: no Mom or Dad for a week. As much as they hate to admit it, they will miss you - that's why sending a care package to your kids at camp is a great idea. It lets them know you love them and miss them, without all the smothering and embarrassing kisses.

For Your Animal Lover

If your child loves animals, especially those pets of hers at home, she may be missing them a bunch. Send her some cute pics of her and her pets, along with a new stuffed animal or animal pattern blanket for cuddling. You could include one of her favorite books or magazines about animals and even a new pet toy to give to her pet when she gets home. It will help the two of them get reacquainted when your child returns from camp.

For Your Sports Fan

If your child is at sports camp or just loves sports, send her a care package full of some favorite things like a jersey of her favorite player or her favorite team's hat. You could also include a sports magazine, or new gear that she can use while she's at camp. And don't forget adding in some of her favorite “watching the game” snack food.

For Your Bookworm

If your child loves books, she may have blown through all of the ones she brought with her. Send her some new ones along with a new bookmark. Don't forget some munchies that can be themed based on the books you are sending.

For Your Artist

Your budding creative genius has probably found a ton of inspiration while at camp. Include some art supplies, sketch book, watercolor postcards, craft kits, and of course, some snacks to keep her motivated to draw or paint away!

For the New BFFs

Has your child met some new friends that she can't stop talking about when you get her on the phone? Send her some small address books so they can jot down each other's info, along with a friendship bracelet kit, and a disposable camera so she can bring the memories home (if she already brought one, she may need another).

It's always a good idea to include some of your child's favorite snacks from home. But personalizing the camp care package will make it even more exciting to receive. Do some brainstorming about some items you think your child might love to receive even if she wasn't at camp, and you'll create the best care package ever.