New technologies continue to prove to be a benefit for people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). One famous story is that of Carly, who found her voice through a computer and was able to successfully communicate with her family after years of silence. Thanks to these breakthroughs, new apps are being developed to target the challenges of ASD and help people to overcome them.

Find Me

Find Me is an app developed for children 18 months to 3.5 years old. It is designed to help children with ASD build social skills by locating the person on the screen. The difficulty increases with more distractions as your pre-schooler tries to find the person.

Time Timer

Time Timer is a computer application that helps children with ASD visualize the abstract idea of time. As time ticks down, the minutes turn from red to white, displaying the passage of time and helping children distinguish the difference between five minutes and one hour.

Clean Up: Category Sorting

Clean Up: Category Sorting is an app that helps develop language, thinking, and generalization skills as the child learns to categorized and describe objects.

Social Navigator

The Social Navigator app was created to assist children with social and behavioral challenges. The child enters information relative to their current social situation and the app instantly creates a recommended strategy allowing the child to get her needs met in a socially acceptable way.

What Was That Noise?

Many children with ASD are sensitive to noises, which can easily frighten them. This interactive app helps them learn to distinguish certain noises through sound effects and a book that reads aloud to them.

A variety of computer programs and apps are available to help your child with ASD succeed. Perhaps some these apps will work for your child, and encourage growth in her skills!