As with any parent, I'm usually balancing multiple tasks at one time. And when I'm out with the kids on an adventure, my hands are usually full of Sippy cups and discarded sweatshirts while my eyes are focused on where each of the kids are at any given moment. Adding a camera to the mix is not on the top of my priority list. But the kids usually give us so many great photo opportunities and I don't want to miss out. That's where these handy apps and devices come in. They make it easy to take frame-worthy photos of your kids right from your smartphone.

Sony QX10

Snap an awesome Sony camera lens onto your phone and download the app. This product was recently featured on Designing Spaces and is perfect for parents.  Your on-the-go photos will now be free from the blurriness of darting children. Plus, the images will be so crisp, you won't just want to share them on Facebook, but print them and hang them in your home. It's like having a high-quality camera right in your pocket.

Fast Burst Camera

Got a toddler on your hands or an athletic teen? The Fast Burst Camera app can take 30 photos per second to ensure you get that perfect shot of your dancing princess or soccer star. It might be the only thing that can keep up with your kids! 

Handy Photo

This app is all about the editing. Sometimes photos are great, but they need a little bit more light or a dash of spark added to them. Your photos of your children can be enhanced with filters or textures. But the best feature of Handy Photo is that you can uncrop photos.

Photoshop Touch

Like Photoshop on your computer? Get the app for your phone. The Photoshop app uses the best of Photoshop from filters to layers. The Scribble Selection tool allows you to extract part of one photo to add it to another. So if one child closes his eyes in one picture and your other child sticks out her tongue in the other picture, you can mesh together the best shot of each child.


If you're like me, you have countless photos of your children on your phone. Animoto lets you turn those photos into a slideshow. Plus you can add text cards and music. It's perfect for sharing your family's vacation pictures with your friends and relatives.

With these apps and gadgets, taking pictures of your kids without an actual camera, is easier and better than ever.