This is a guest post by Sophia Smith.


Children do not only need guidance in their life, but they can also be the guides for their parents! While you teach them the importance of moral values, creativity, curiosity, and friendliness, take a step back and observe how your kids perceive and do things. That way, you might discover those same life lessons again and get back in touch with your inner child.

1. Never Give Up

Your kids might have fallen over 50 times before they learned how to walk, but did they give up on trying? The same goes for reading, writing, hobbies, sports, creative expression, etc. When you see your child try his or her best to achieve a certain goal, let them inspire you to pursue your own goals as well.

Nothing can be achieved if you give up before trying, or at the very first obstacle. Follow your child's lead and stay persistent when it comes to your own wishes and desires.

2. Be Open and Truthful

When people say that children make friends easily, do they unconsciously compare them to adults? It's not always easy for grownups to make friends. Avoid this generalization in your adult life by looking at how sincere and open your child is when approaching other kids. You can use this lesson as a way to become more honest with yourself and your own friends and family. 

Stop keeping things you feel to yourself and you will notice that the bond with your loved ones is only going to get stronger.

3. Experience Pure Joy

Children can find amusement, magic, and a reason to smile in the smallest of things — which is exactly what life is all about. When was the last time you stopped to admire nature, or laugh from the bottom of your heart? Follow the example of your child and let yourself be overwhelmed with happiness and joy for small but great pleasures. This change in your behavior will influence the quality of your life for the better.

4. Try Something New

Children are always ready to get involved in something that is completely new and strange to them. They are willing to try different things because they know that the possible experience can be extremely gratifying. If you let your child be more courageous than you, you will not set a very good parental example.

What’s more, there might be many things that you can excel at and find enjoyable, but you are missing out because you always find excuses not to try something new. Think about what is more reasonable — learning what you are capable of or being afraid of failure and thus never trying at all.

5. Use Technology to Learn More

While playing online games, children use technology to their advantage and broaden their knowledge of the world. There are many games that are fun and they teach kids about math and languages as well as mythology — such as cryptids. When you see your children learn through play, you might want to think about what you use the Internet for. The web is a great place for information, and you can expand your knowledge of whatever your interests are together with your children.

You will not be a great role model for your kids if you do not see them as your role model as well. Learn, have fun, and explore the world together. By looking through the eyes of a child, you will be able to keep growing.

Sophia Smith is a freelance writer from Brisbane, Australia with an interest in beauty, fashion, yoga, and healthy living. She loves sharing meaningful content that educates and inspires people. Sophia writes mostly in lifestyle-related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is a regular contributor at High Style Life. Find her on Facebook  Twitter  Google +