The quicker you can pass on chores to your offspring, the more responsibility they'll have, and the less you'll have to do! Make sure you are expecting great things from your children, and start them on the road to independence with these 43 chores for kids:

Toddlers (18 Months - 2 Years)

1. Wiping baseboards with duster or dry rag

2. Taking laundry to appropriate room — tell them where the items go and see whether or not they remember after the first few times you do this chore with them.

3. Matching socks — also a good skill for teaching concepts of "same" and "different"

4. Bringing safe, unbreakable dishes in from table, clearing table

5. Putting safe, unbreakable items on table (napkins, cups)

6. Picking up toys — they may not want to, but they can

7. Putting stuffed animals on bed in the morning

8. Pushing the laundry basket to appropriate room

9. Putting trash in wastebasket

10. Putting clothes in hamper

11. Handing adult an item from grocery bag

Preschoolers (3 - 5 Years)

12. Wiping windows with cloth and spray bottle filled with water

13. Setting the table

14. Clearing table

15. Putting dishes in sink or dishwasher

16. Drying dishes

17. Sweeping small messes with hand broom

18. Put away laundry in correct places — teach him how to carry folded items so they won't come unfolded

19. Folding simple clothing items — jeans and pants

20. Sort laundry by family member

21. Dusting with a dry cloth or dust mitt

22. Wiping low windowsills with a damp cloth

23. Bringing newspaper in from outside

24. Wiping spots on kitchen floor with wet rag

25. Putting books on bookshelf correctly

26. Helping water garden

27. Pulling weeds — teach him which ones are weeds, and which ones are not

28. Pulling sheets up, straightening sheets on bed

29. Helping carry laundry basket

30. Assisting adult in the kitchen with measuring, pouring dry ingredients, stirring and mixing

31. Hanging up coat and hat

32. Carrying small bags of groceries

33. Assist in putting away groceries

5 - 7 Year Olds

34. Folding their shirts and other clothing items — teach them how to do it, and don't expect perfection

35. Sweeping the floor — consider getting a short broom if the regular one is awkward for her to use

36. Emptying small trash cans/wastebaskets into trash bag

37. Straightening books on bookshelf

38. Wiping table after a meal

39. Making bed

40. Putting items in car

41. Picking up trash in car

42. Picking out clothes and dressing without assistance

43. Helping prepare their own lunch — sandwiches, simple side items

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