Halloween carries a long tradition of children stuffing their faces with candy for days on end. But for children with allergies, that hasn't ever been possible. Treats from the homes of strangers, and even neighbors, can be deadly for children with allergies. But thanks to more awareness of the common allergens in foods and snacks, Halloween is slowly becoming a happier time for families of children with allergies. Here's how you can help.

Pass Out Candy Without Allergens

This year, ditch those bags of chocolate candy laced with peanuts (or the possibility of peanuts), and opt for allergen-free candies to hand out instead. PEZ, Airheads, Skittles, and Smarties are all popular candies, and all allergen-free. Always double check the labels, but you can find a complete list of options here

Give Toys Instead of Candy

Kids expect candy on Halloween, but they'll be okay with getting a cool item instead. Think glow sticks, bubbles, stickers, or even some cold-hard cash. 

Offer Snacks Without Allergens

If you're opting for a Halloween party this year for the kids, then ensure the safety of their friends who have allergies by choosing treats that are safe for everyone. There are plenty of nut-free options like marshmallow spiders or pear ghosts. Yummly has an entire page dedicated to nut-free recipes, but if you're going to make items from scratch, ensure you read all labels carefully. You never know what items may unexpectedly have allergens in them. 

Display the Teal Pumpkin

The Teal Pumpkin Project works to create a safer, happier Halloween for everyone. The idea is simple. If you are handing out allergen-free Halloween candy or treats, you place a teal pumpkin on your front step, or in a visible location. Families of children with food allergies will see the pumpkin and know that your home is a safe place for their child to trick-or-treat. It's a simple and fun way to help out. 

Halloween should be every child's favorite part of autumn. Help make it happen for the kids in your neighborhood with food allergies!