'Tis the season to get your Girl Scout cookie fix. Girl Scouts have been out in droves, knocking on doors and standing outside of neighborhood grocery stores, enticing us all with the cookies we know and love.

So now that your cabinets are stocked with Thin Mints and Do-Si-Dos, what are you going to do with them all? We have a few unusual ideas for you.

Pair them with wine.

Forget the glass of milk; Girl Scout cookies are growing up with this trendy twist. According to How to Pair Wine with Girl Scout Cookies, shortbread Trefoils should be enjoyed with a sparkling wine, while peanut butter and chocolate Tagalongs deserve a sweeter wine like a tawny port.

Turn them into a fancy dessert.

From Thin Mint Popcorn to Chocolate Cookie Pudding, there are lots of ways to use Girl Scout cookies in some of your favorite desserts. Crush up your favorite flavor to make a pie crust that is out-of-this-world, or layer the cookie pieces with pudding and whipped cream for a quick and tasty parfait.

Duplicate them.

Girl Scout cookies are delicious (in an overly processed, I-know-these-are-bad-for-me kind of way). So why not replicate your favorites in your own kitchen? Try these homemade recipes and then see how they stack up to the prepackaged varieties. You may never have to buy a box again.

Use the boxes for craft projects.

After you've devoured all the cookies, you're still left with the boxes. So why not recycle them into a craft project? There are 29 different ideas on this Girl Scout Cookie Box Crafts Pinterest board.

Do you enjoy Girl Scout cookies? Which kind is your favorite?