If there's anything I have had to accept about having children, it's that they are exceptionally good at making messes. Let's just say the constant pile of crumbs and spills under the kitchen table makes the perfect excuse for my husband to get that dog he's been wanting. From fingerprints on the walls to smudges on the fridge to food splatters everywhere, cleaning up after the daily, or hourly, messes our children make is frustrating. But it doesn't have to be.

1. Take it one room/mess at a time

It's overwhelming when the entire house gets hit by your little hurricanes. This is one of those times when looking at the big picture can hold you back and keep the cleaning from actually being done. Focus on one mess at a time and your cleanup will be complete before you know it. What works well for me is to make a list. I feel more and more accomplished and proud of myself with every job I get to check off.

2. Stay on top of the messes

Clean up immediately after breakfast, snack, lunch, and craft time. Walking into a dirty kitchen after running errands all day is stressful. You can even clean while your children eat. Place all the food back in the fridge or pantry, and wipe down the countertops. Then, once the kids are finished eating, all you'll have left to tackle are the table and floor.

3. Be proactive

You know your kids are going to drop food or smudge fingerprints all over everything. Try to hold messes to a minimum by keeping food in the kitchen, and crafts, crayons, and paints in a designated area. This will keep crumbs out of the living room and crayon marks off your walls. Store small washcloths, baby wipes, or hand wipes near on the table so your kids can easily clean up themselves before they trample through the rest of the house. Don't forget to make sure their chairs are pushed in far enough under the table to decrease the chance of food, glue, or paint hitting the floor.

4. Use an All-Purpose Product You Can Trust

We all seem to have a million different cleaning products stuffed under our kitchen sinks. Some are for glass, some for tile, and some for wood. Most of them are dangerous for children. Investing in a product like Method's All-Purpose Cleaner makes the most sense for busy parents. Its versatile formula can be used to clean counters, tiles, stone, wood, and glass - no switching products as you move from mess to mess!

Method is non-toxic, so your kids can get in on the fun and help clean up their own messes (with supervision of course). And since Method's All-Purpose Cleaner is made from naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients, there's no concern about polluting your household, and no harsh fumes for you or your family. Bonus: the scent of pink grapefruit and pamplemousse rose will actually freshen the air in your home.

Kids are going to make messes; there's no way around it. But being prepared and well armed to tackle those messes is going to make all the difference in the health and cleanliness of your home.

We want to know, what's your best cleaning tip for kid messes?

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored. All experiences with kid messes, and thoughts about the product, are my own.