There's an app for everything, even that little bundle of joy tucked safely inside your baby bump. Now you can take all of the pregnancy information you need with you wherever you go. With one of these amazing apps, you can do everything from tracking your baby's development to picking the best foods to eat. The 40 weeks of pregnancy are no longer a mystery.

1. The BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today

The My Pregnancy Today app for iPhone and Android brings BabyCenter's popular weekly pregnancy guide right to your phone. It is complete with fetal development images to keep you up-to-date on what your baby is up to, a pregnancy checklist to help you keep track of doctor appointments and more, and 3-D animations of life inside the womb. There's also a due date calculator, a birth club, and a nutrition guide.

2. The Baby Bump

The Baby Bump app allows you to follow the week-to-week developments of your little peanut, connect with other moms, keep a journal, and share your baby's progress with friends and family. There's also help for preparing for labor. It's available for the iPhone, Android, and Palm.

3. The Pregnancy Tracker

The Pregnancy Tracker is available for the iPhone and is perfect for those who refer to the famous book What to Expect When Expecting. With this app, the book goes with you, providing you with the ability to track your pregnancy week by week, and check in on what your baby looks like and is doing at each stage.

4. Pregnancy Buzz

Pregnancy Buzz by the Bump lets you post all of your pregnancy questions and get instant answers from other expectant moms and prenatal experts. You can search for what's safe to eat and find the perfect baby name all with your iPhone.

It's easier than ever to care for your unborn baby and yourself with these pregnancy apps. Just download one of them to your phone and you are good to go.