If the kids want to camp but the weather isn’t cooperating — or maybe you’re not into the idea — then indoor camping might be the best solution for your family. It’s easier, less buggy, and way more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Here’s what you need to make it more fun!

1. Tent

You have to have a tent to create a true camping experience indoors. You can go ahead and set up a real tent, or let the kids create their own fort using a table and some blankets. Or you could set up a teepee or buy one that fits your space.

2. Ghost Stories

Unless you have a fireplace, you probably won’t be able to create the campfire scene, but you can still hold up some flashlights in a dark room and tell scary tales to create the perfect camping mood.

3. S’mores

You can’t roast ‘em, but you can microwave ‘em. S’mores make a camping trip way more fun!

4. Sleeping Bags

Put them right on the floor so your kids have the full experience of not sleeping in a bed. But if you want to make sure they sleep well, don’t be afraid to use air mattresses.

For Extra Fun

Camping Food

Don’t just stop at s’mores. Break out the paper plates and cups and enjoy hot dogs, burgers, chips, popcorn, juice, and all the fun camping treats.

Creative Campfire

You can make a pretend campfire with some thick branches and red, yellow, and orange tissue paper like The Gardening Cook did. It will look super cute.

Camping Books

Whether your child is a fan of Curious George or Olivia, there is likely a camping book starring her favorite book character. Borrow some from the library and enjoy them together in your tent.


You can use battery operated candles or lanterns to light the room just like you would be lighting your tent during your night outdoors.

Even if it’s the dead of winter, you can give your family a great camping experience. Just take the best parts of camp and bring them indoors.