The race to get out of the house on time is usually a crazed one. Kids searching for shoes. Parents searching for keys. And the clock tick-tocking away. We all know what we need to do to be better prepared in the morning, but it's easier said than done. Let's face it, not all of us are super organized, plan ahead, Pinterest-perfect parents. But, when the entire family gets together and works as a team, life can be so much simpler in the morning.

Don't spend your evenings alone packing all of your children's things for school. And don't spend your mornings constantly reminding your children of what they need to do until you end up yelling. Instead, give each child jobs and hold her to them.

1. Pack Her Own Lunch

Set up a simple system so that kids as young as six can pack their own lunch. In your pantry, create bins with different types of snacks. In one bin you would have bags of chips, crackers, goldfish (either the individually purchased bags or Ziploc serving sizes you created). In another bin would be any treats such as cookies, also pre-packaged. In the fridge, have separate bins for fruits, yogurts and cheese sticks, and other healthy snack options. Your child should be able to put together her own sandwich (with your help if necessary) from a selection of wraps. breads, salads, etc and then toss in items from the bins. Based on your own rules, she could have one item from the chip bin and two from the fruit bin, etc. It's a fun way for your child to feel like she's in control of her lunch, without you actually giving up control.

2. Keep Her Own Cubby

To make life easier, set up a system of cubbies with one per child. Above them hang hooks for each child. They can immediately put their shoes in their own cubby upon returning home and above it they can hang their jacket and backpack.

3. Pack Her Own Backpack

When homework is complete, your child should pack her backpack herself immediately. She should also check with you or the calendar to see what special items she might need for the next day. Perhaps she has soccer practice or dance lessons and will need to pack a separate bag with the necessary items. With a bit of help the first time, and perhaps a checklist on the wall for her, she should have her system down quickly.

4. Put Out Her Own Clothes

The night before, give your child two options of outfits to choose from for the next day. When she makes her choice, put it on the dresser or hang it on the closet door. When she wakes up the next day, her outfit will be ready and waiting for her to put on immediately, saving you a morning fight over which outfit is more her style.

If all of these tasks are completed the night before, you are going to save a ton of time as a family, and a ton of stress too.