Most children love two things: reading and animals. Put the two together and you have a magical combination of sweet fun and learning. Reading to your children is important for both the development of their language skills and their imaginations, but it can also teach them about all the different animals of the world. Beware though: reading these books may leave your little one dreaming of a pet of her very own.

Good Little Bad Little Pig

An adorable book from Margaret Wise Brown for any child who has ever wanted a pet. Good Little Bad Little Pig from Parragon Books is the sweet and silly tale of a little boy named Peter who asks his mom for a pig. After his mom writes a letter to a farmer, the little boy gets his wish and has his very own good little bad little big.

Anthony and the Ants

Is your child in need of a lesson in sharing? Gemma Raynor's Anthony and the Ants from Parragon Books is a fun story about Anthony, who is just trying to eat his breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the ants keep carrying his food away. Try as Anthony might to keep his food safe, eventually he and the ants all learn to share.

Bella Lost and Found

Bella is an indoor cat who has always dreamed of having adventures. Author-illustrator Ryan O'Rourke brings Bella's magical adventures to life as she travels the sea and finds her way home. Bella Lost and Found from Harper Collins includes lots of animal friends such as a whale and octopus.

Peek-a-Boo Bunny

Bunny and all of his animal friends love to play Hide and Seek in the forest. Peek-a-Boo Bunny (Harper Collins) by Holly Surplice will make your little one giggle as Bunny has so much fun looking for his friends and hopping around that he misses most of their hiding spots.

These books are perfect to add to your bedtime story bookshelf. Cuddle up with your kids and pets and get reading!