Sugar, sugar, and more sugar. That’s what Easter morning means to so many children (and adults)! But do they really need every type of candy in their basket? Probably not. This year, substitute at least some of the candy with these adorable gifts. They won’t even notice that there’s less candy in there.

Bunny Slippers

Adorable, warm, and fuzzy. Kids love slippers and kids love bunnies. It’s a win-win, especially with ones as cute these slippers that we found on Etsy.

Easter Puzzle

Puzzles are great for motor skills, memory, and problem solving. That sounds much better than a sugar crash, doesn’t it? Cute Easter puzzles can be found at most stores this time of year and online as well.

Easter Books

As every parent knows, reading is an essential part of learning, especially for young children. Whether they can read for themselves or just love to sit while you read to them, your kids will adore a fun Easter book or two like "The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever" from Parragon Books, featuring a little gray bunny on a great big egg hunt.

Easter Craft Kits

If there’s anything my children like more than candy – nevermind, there’s nothing they love more than candy. But they do enjoy crafts. And crafts like these Easter Bunny paper dolls are perfect to keep them busy on Easter Sunday.

Change things up this year with a new twist on the old Easter basket. It will be totally worth it. 

Parragon Books sent us a copy of The Best Easter Egg Hunt Ever to review.