According to Psychology Today, reading is one of the ways parents can help build their child's imagination. And having a vivid imagination can help children discover new things, including how to share experiences with others and how to understand the world. Plus, the more books children have in their homes, the higher their test scores as high school students.

Reading should start young. In fact, before birth isn't too soon. Uunborn children begin to learn language as soon as 10 weeks gestation. If you're looking for some cute, imaginative books to share with your children, look no further.

The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat

This adorable book from Parragon highlights the imaginative play of two small children, one dressed as an owl and the other as a cat. Together they sail away on a journey in the cardboard box boat. The illustrations are absolutely adorable, as you and your child watch the backdrop change from living room to sea. The simple rhymes make the story both silly and sweet and perfect for cuddling up with before bed.

Peek a Book

Peek a Book is a cute spin on your favorite classics. As a friendly dog chases a cat through the book, they jump from story to story visiting everyone from the Gingerbread Man to the Three Little Pigs. This super fun book shows children that we can imagine anything to be possible and even invite classic characters into new places in our imagination.

Harold and the Purple Crayon

For over 50 years, children and parents have loved this book. Harold uses his imagination and a purple crayon to draw himself into different scenarios. Curious, innovative and cautious, Harold draws landmarks along his way to ensure he won't get lost, and even draws a boat for himself when he travels into deep water. His journey illustrates to all children just how far their imaginative mind can take them.


This true life story features the town built of rocks, boxes, and other unused materials and the imaginations of children in Yuma, Arizona. A century ago, the children built a small city featuring everything from houses and ice cream shops to a police department and cemetery. Real life children using their imaginations to create a world that you can actually still visit today.

What's your favorite book to read together?