Is your little one a big fan of Goodnight Moon? It was always a must read bedtime story when my oldest was younger. Author Margaret Wise Brown wrote Goodnight Moon with a rhythm that kids love to hear and parents love to read. Her other children's books are no different. Imaginative and sweet, your kids will love them all.

The Noon Balloon

This beautifully illustrated adventure stars a brother and sister who set off on a magical ride on a hot air balloon. It carries them from their bedroom, across mermaids in the sea, over a fun-filled circus, through a busy city, and into a secret village. The colors are brilliant and the story is sweet making it perfect for your little ones to fall asleep to.

One More Rabbit…

This cute book tells the story of a happy and excited bunny rabbit on his birthday. As he walks around watching his family decorate and wrap gifts, your child will have fun learning numbers. Plus, your child will giggle at the dancing rabbits, rabbits blowing up balloons, rabbits playing cards, and even two rabbits pulling another rabbit out of a hat for a magic trick.

Goodnight Little One

In good company with Goodnight Moon is Goodnight Little One. The book takes your child on a trip to say goodnight to a variety of animals that are childhood favorites. From a monkey to a cat, and a pig to a sheep, your child will be happy to know that he's not the only one being told to close his eyes.

Jingle Paws

Jingle Paws arrives just in time for you to add it to your holiday book reading list. People have Santa Claus to deliver presents to them each Christmas, but did you know that animals have Jingle Paws? Follow a cat as he discovers Jingle Paws leaving gifts under the tree for all the animals of the house. He rides a sleigh pulled by guinea pigs and carries a sack of toys just like Santa!

Books are a great way to develop your child's imagination and Margaret Wise Brown did a great job of creating stories that children want to read again and again.

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