Buying clothing for our children can seem like a constant effort. Either they grow out of them faster than you expected, or suddenly your child decides she no longer likes dresses and skirts (like mine). But you don't have to break the bank or battle the store sales to find nice back-to-school outfits for your children. Just turn to your fellow moms, and the Internet.

1. Craigslist

Craigslist is a great place to find clothing that is gently used. Moms will often sell an entire lot of children's clothing based on size. For instance, if their daughter just grew out of the size six she'd been wearing for a few months, they might be looking to sell that wardrobe at a reasonable rate rather than one item at a time.

2. Facebook Groups

Your local Facebook resale pages or mom's group pages may be a great place to post that you are seeking clothing for kids in certain sizes. You may even find some clothing posted for sale or even for free in one of the groups. I recently purchased about 20 items of clothing for my daughter from another local mom for only $25. Each piece of clothing looked brand new and my daughter is thrilled with them. 

3. Friends or Family Swap

Get together with friends and family members who are in need of new clothing for their kids, as well as looking to get rid of some kids clothing. You can swap nearly new clothing items with them and save a ton of money. You can even swap with children who wear the same size, but might not exactly love the clothing that an aunt bought. My five-year-old has a handful of outfits she likes to wear while everything else sits in her closet. Instead of letting them go to waste, I gave some to her cousin who wears the same size. 

4. Targeted Consignment Shops

Maybe the consignment shops you've been to before never seem to have anything that was made after 1985. This year, try a different store. Head to the towns with the highest household incomes of your area and check out their consignment shops. You're more likely to find newer items that haven't completely gone out of style.

If all else fails, head to the sales. You're likely to get good deals no matter where you shop, just remember to shop for complete outfits, not just individual items.