What's one of the best things you can do to help your child prepare for kindergarten this fall? Fine tune his fine motor skills! Beginning this fall your child will be writing more than ever before. The muscles in those chubby stubby fingers have to grow strong and coordinated to help develop solid writing skills.

Okay, so there's just a few weeks before most school bells start ringing. Here are 30 fun ways to get your preschool alum's fine motor skills humming for the first day of school!

1. Mist the plants with a spray bottle.

2. Put on a finger puppet show.

3. Finger paint.

4. Write her name with her fingers in shaving cream.

5. Grab a Lego® set, some Lincoln Logs or Mega Bloks and start building.

6. String some beads to make necklaces and bracelets.

7. Weed the garden.

8. Pinch dead flowers from potted plants.

9. Practice tying shoes.

10. Put together puzzles.

11. Zip and unzip (clothes, bags, etc.).

12. Buckle and unbuckle.

13. Use scissors to cut straight lines, curved lines, zig zag lines and shapes of all kinds.

14. Draw his name in the sand with a stick.

15. Pick up small seashells.

16. Sort coins.

17. Make crafts with glue and dried beans, stones, shells or anything that requires her to use her fingers to pick up and place small objects.

18. Assemble marshmallow animals: Use toothpicks to connect miniature marshmallows together.

19. Play games that require rolling dice or picking up and holding cards.

20. Break out the play dough: Add cookie cutters and rolling pins to the fun.

21. Use sidewalk chalk to turn the driveway into an art gallery.

22. Purchase condiment bottles, fill with water and have a squirting battle.

23. Build a birdhouse or other project — with adult supervision — that includes picking up and sorting nails or screws and using a hammer.

24. Play educational computer games that involve using arrow keys or repeatedly clicking the mouse.

25. Put together anything involving tape.

26. Dig for treasures in a sandbox.

27. Make homemade pizza dough or bread dough: Knead, knead, knead away!

28. Use an eye dropper to mix various colors of food coloring that can be used for crafts or baking.

29. Have a fun water gun battle.

30. Fill and catch water balloons.

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