The great part about eggs is that they are practically perfect little orbs of vitamin-packed protein. Not only do they have vitamins B6 and B12, which are great for energy and moods, but they have vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin), and vitamin A, which is excellent for skin and nails. They are an affordable source of protein that can be added to almost any meal. Your leftover Easter eggs will be put to good use in these 30 recipes.

  1. Egg salad sandwiches are the classic post-Easter treat.
  2. Deviled eggs are delicious.
  3. Boiled eggs added to potato salad are essential.
  4. Add chopped eggs to tuna fish salad.
  5. Throw boiled eggs diced on top of a salad.
  6. Boiled eggs are the perfect diet snack (a 75 calorie trick that tides over hunger between meals.)
  7. Throw diced eggs into meatball recipes.
  8. Slice egg on top of an English muffin with melted cheese.
  9. Slice and layer egg in a lasagna (my mom's yummy trick).
  10. Boiled egg cookies sound delicious.
  11. Chop up egg and toss it in macaroni and cheese.
  12. Dice and sprinkle egg sprinkled on top of enchiladas.
  13. Sliced egg on top of pizza as a topping.
  14. Mexican papadzules are authentic ways to use eggs.
  15. Chop egg and throw it in your favorite soup.
  16. Throw diced egg in steamed rice to have a cheap, filling meal.
  17. Hard boiled eggs Benedict substitutes the hard boiled eggs for poached.
  18. Hard boiled eggs Florentine is the same as above.
  19. Serve a Mediterranean sandwich, with sliced egg, olives, feta cheese and spinach.
  20. Diced eggs can be thrown in chicken pot pie.
  21. Chopped eggs tossed inside a lentil and parsley salad and served with vinaigrette is divine.
  22. Pasta salad can be topped with quartered eggs and olives.
  23. Burritos can be made with pinto beans, diced eggs and cheese.
  24. Asparagus topped with boiled egg and mustard sauce.
  25. Toss chopped boiled eggs in a parsley and cream sauce over noodles.
  26. Chop up one egg and mix into your dog's food. It's good for his hair and skin. (Obviously, not for you.)
  27. Dice an egg and sprinkle it over hummus to serve with pita bread.
  28. Boiled egg dip. Chop 6 boiled eggs and ¾ cup blue cheese together in a food processor with 1/3 cup yogurt and salt and pepper to taste. Add a couple tablespoons lemon juice if desired. Garnish with green onions. Serve with crackers.
  29. Sunday Morning Egg Casserole (takes 14 boiled eggs!)
  30. Potato and egg casserole. Layer boiled and sliced potatoes, sliced boiled eggs, and a cream sauce compiled of 1 can cream of chicken soup, 1 cup sour cream, and salt and pepper. Make 3 layers, then top with cheddar cheese. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.

Remember to store your eggs properly. Keep them refrigerated so you'll avoid getting salmonella, a common mishap with egg-packed picnics. Don't let the egg salad sit in the sun, or you're just asking for trouble. Otherwise, enjoy these tasty treats, in every creative way imaginable.

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