Whether it's brain-teasers, astronomy, or paleontology that intrigue your little one, you can keep them busy with these fun education kits from Parragon Books. They are perfect as gifts or to keep in the closet for rainy day fun. If you're an on-the-go family, these are also great to keep on hand in the car for traffic jams, long trips, or to keep the kids busy at their older siblings' events.

Space Four-in-One Activity

Your child can learn all about space with this fun activity pack. It includes an activity book, a double-sided poster to color, a 54-piece puzzle you can color when you are finished, and four double-sided coloring pencils. It's perfect for the future astronaut in your family.

Professor Murphy Brain Busting Puzzles

This one is perfect to keep the whole family entertained during a car ride or a long wait at the doctor. The book is full of fun trivia questions that will even baffle Dad, and have the whole family laughing. Test your knowledge and brain power and bond with the kids. 

Dinosaur Stencil

Take a trip back in time with this cute dinosaur stencil book. Keep your child busy with a variety of dinosaurs they can trace and color. It comes with a handy drawing surface. Your children can create their own dinosaur artwork on the go.

Your little scientist will have a lot of fun with these kits and learn a lot too. Plus, you'll be happy that they're happy — especially when you're stuck in traffic.

Parragon Books sent Parenting Squad these kits to review.