Most parents have experienced at least one moment when they couldn't find their child. It's nothing short of terrifying. According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, a child goes missing every 40 seconds in the U.S. That's over 2,100 a day. And when a child has gone missing, the first few minutes are critical in bringing her home safely.

Now, thanks to new technology, you can locate your child, your child can call for help from any trusted adult, and if your child vanishes, you can immediately alert the police, family, friends, the neighborhood, and even the FBI.


This app allows parents to locate their family members with GPS. You can also bypass busy phone lines, find a nearby hospital or police station, and know where registered sex offenders live. A tap of a button can allow you to either check in with your family or send a panic alert for help. And those are just the free features.

Premium members can save an emergency ID for each child allowing authorities to have immediate information for an Amber Alert. You can also keep information about a pre-existing condition for doctors and get identity protection.


This app allows users to create profiles for each child in the family. Those profiles can then be accessed and broadcast to the Rescuehood community in the event that your child goes missing. An alert will be sent to all of the cell phones of Rescuehood members in your geographic area. Having easy access to your child's information will also help to move along the missing person report process with local police.

Child ID

This free app was created by the FBI to help parents keep their children safe. Simply enter in your child's information including height and weight as well as a current photo of your child. If your child goes missing, you can email all of that vital information to the police right from your phone. The app also includes safety tips and an action plan in the event that your child is lost or abducted.

Smart phone apps allow you to give your child some freedom while preserving your piece of mind. Your child's safety is the most important detail of your life, and if one of these apps can help you protect her, they are worth checking into.