Around our house, Halloween is an all-star event!

My husband prides himself on the yard full of spooky decor and larger-than-life inflatables. My boys plan their costumes months in advance (and change their mind about 20 times). And me? I fill in all the blanks. Inside decor, despicable treats, trick-or-treating logistics – all that is my domain and I become giddy with the idea of it around September 15th of each year. 

Aside from all the decorating and candy corn consumption, there is one rule our family abides by: EVEYONE must dress up. Yes, even the parents must wear a costume on Halloween night, and if we can coordinate as a famiy unit, even better.

If your family is looking for a way to pull your costumes together in a cohesive way, here are 25 easy ideas from around the web. 

1. The Addams Family

2. Crayons (different colors)

3. Wizard of Oz Cast 

4. Mario Brothers Characters

Video Game Costumes

5. The Incredibles

6. Dr. Suess Characters

7. Your Favorite Sports Team (players or superfans)

8. Minions

Blockbuster Movies

9. Smurfs

10. Ninjas

11. Insects

Bug Costumes

12. Muppets

13. Candy Bars

14. Aliens

15. Tetris Pieces

16. Superheros

17. The Simpsons

18. Willy Wonka and Oompa Loompas

19. Milk and Cookies

20. Santa and Elves

21. Alice In Wonderland Chracters

22. Mama & Papa Bears with Bear Cubs

23. President and Secret Service Agents

24. Scooby Doo Cast

25. The Beatles

One of the best things about dressing up for Halloween, is that you can make your costume as wholesome or as gruesome as you like. Depending on the personality of your family, you can put your own spin on the ideas above.

Happy Haunting!