It's cheap, it's useful, and our grandparents have been using it for years. Vinegar kills 99% of bacteria and more than 80% of mold and germs. It's non-toxic, safe, and good for the environment. It's also extremely affordable compared to all the household cleaners on the market. Here are amazing things vinegar can do.

1. Kill Weeds. Put vinegar in a spray bottle and squirt around the house to get rid of weeds.

2. Rinse Out Your Dishwasher. Put a whole cup of vinegar through an entire cycle, without dishes, to clean out soap residue and buildup.

3. Clean Your Coffee Maker. Mix vinegar and water and run it through a coffee brew cycle. Run an extra cycle of water just to make sure the vinegar gets rinsed out.

4. Counter Cleaner. Use vinegar to wipe down sour counters and get them sparkly clean.

5. Drain Deodorizer. Make vinegar ice cubes and grind them up in the garbage disposal to neutralize odors.

6. Degrease an Oven Door. Spray 100% vinegar solution on the door and let it soak before wiping away with a sponge.

7. Boiled Egg Trick. Add a few tablespoons vinegar to boiling water and cracked eggs won't leak while boiling.

8. Sparkling Glassware. Take cloudy glassware from the dishwasher and wrap them with paper towels soaked in vinegar. The cloudiness will be gone.

9. Extend Flower Life. Place a teaspoon vinegar in a vase of water and your stem cut flowers will last longer.

10. Window Cleaner. Use a pint of water mixed with a few tablespoons vinegar to wash windows.

11. Oven Vent Cleaner. Take 100% vinegar solution and soak the vent cover on top of your stove range. Then wipe it down for a grease-free vent.

12. Hair Rinse. Pour one cup vinegar and water solution over hair after washing. The vinegar reduces oil produced and lends highlights to brown hair.

13. Remove Fruit-Stained Hands. Rub vinegar on your hands to take away stubborn berry stains.

14. Cut Laundry Soap. Adding vinegar will reduce the amount of laundry soap you need to clean clothes.

15. Stain Remover. Gently rub into tough stains on clothes, then wash as usual.

16. Marinate Meat. Using vinegar as a marinade, not only softens the meat, but breaks down and kills bacteria. Soak it overnight before cooking for best results.

17. Wood Cutting Board Cleaner. Use full strength vinegar to clean and disinfect wood cutting boards.

18. Cut Out Cooking Smells. Hate the smell of fried fish lingering around your kitchen after you've cooked? Just set a pot of water and vinegar on the stove and let it slow boil for a while to get rid of lingering cooking smells.

19. Clean a Lunchbox. Got a funky lunchbox? Soak a piece of bread in vinegar and let it sit inside it overnight.

20. Stainless Steel Shiner. Clean stainless steel by spraying and wiping full strength vinegar on it.

21. Refrigerator Cleaner. Get rid of fridge smells and grime by using a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water to clean your fridge.

22. Make Buttermilk. Add a tablespoon vinegar to one cup milk and let it sit for 5 minutes.

23. Grout Cleaner. Let vinegar soak on the grout for 30 minutes, then brush away with a toothbrush.

24. Laundry Brightener. Add 1 cup vinegar to the rinse cycle to keep colors bright.

25. Fix Nighttime Mattress Accidents. Clean up the urine with a vinegar and water solution. Follow with a sprinkling of baking soda. Then vacuum it up when it dries.

There are so many wonderful uses for vinegar. My grandmother uses it to reduce water retention by drinking a teaspoon in a glass of water every morning. It also keeps things moving.

Be sure to see the 7 ways you can clean naturally, and add these vinegar ideas to your arsenal.

Who knew vinegar was so sweet?

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