When asked what she wanted for Christmas, my great aunt always used to say "Just give me some peace and quiet." I'm sure most moms can relate — I personally would trade all the gifts in the world for just a few minutes of actually getting to hear myself think.

Unfortunately, you can't wrap up peace and quiet with a pretty red ribbon and stuff it in a stocking. But if you are putting together a Christmas stocking for the mom in your life, at least take the time to choose thoughtful gifts that offer a bit of the relaxation she craves. Suggestions for stocking stuffers from real-life moms:

1. A gift certificate for a meal in a nice restaurant.

2. A gift certificate for a babysitter.

3. A gift certifcate for a massage.

4. A gift certificate for Starbucks.

5. A gift certificate for a pedicure. Are you seeing theme emerge? Basically a gift certificate for anything she doesn't usually splurge on for herself.

6. Fancy bath salts.

7. A bottle of expensive bubble bath. Not the cheap kind from the drug store that will make her break out in hives.

8. Quality lip balm, like the ones from Thistle Farms. With scents like Lavendar, Citrus Vanilla and Lemon-Sage, no mom wll be able to resist these.

9. Tiny bottles of liquor. They're small enough to fit in a stocking. And always needed.

10. Gourmet coffee.

11. Packets of Starbucks Via. For caffeine emergencies.

12. Her favorite tea.

13. A journal. And a special pen that nobody else is allowed to use. Or take apart to "see how it works."

14. Good chocolate. Ghiradelli is good; Godiva is better.

15. A bottle of nice shampoo. Something that doesn't smell like bubble gum or have characters from Sesame Street dancing across the label.

16. Nail files. Because they get lost easily. And because for some reason, kids love to break them in half.

17. Yarn. If she knits.

18. Small garden tools. If she gardens.

19. A book. Preferably something light — like chick lit or a beach read — to encourage her to take time to relax.

20. Good quality lotion or body butter. Try something from Avalon Organics or The Body Shop (I've been told their Brazil Nut scent smells like cookies!).

21. Tickets to a show or performance fit perfectly into a stocking. Think about what SHE would like to see. A sporting event may not be your best bet if she's not a sports fan..

22. Daily essentials like stamps, post-it notes, and Sharpies make good stocking stuffers. Moms are nothing if not practical.

23. Stationary (bonus points if it's personalized), or thank-you cards she can use to write thank-you notes for holiday gifts.

24. Gloves. Soft and plush is always nice, but consider gloves that will also work when she's using touch-screen tech.

25. Something from Etsy. Prove you pay attention to her likes and dislikes by searching for something as unique as she is.

Moms, does someone stuff a stocking for you? Do you prefer gifts that are fun or practical?