Summer is winding down fast. There are probably plenty of fun activities you planned to do with the kids that just didn't happen. Don't worry. There's still time to make some summer memories before school starts.

1. Go berry picking. You get to be outside, the kids will be worn out, and you'll have a healthy delicious snack in the house.

2. Take one last short trip. Make a day trip or an overnight to check out some attractions in a nearby city or state.

3. Camp in the yard. Maybe you had big plans to finally take the kids camping, but it didn't pan out. Instead, set up the tent in the backyard. They'll love it.

4. Go out for ice cream. Take the kids to get ice cream for dinner one night. Savor the summer night air and your favorite summer flavors.

5. Change up your routine. If you usually head to the beach, try the local pool. Or vice versa. You may find a new favorite hangout.

6. Have a family game night. Get in your pajamas early, pop some popcorn and spend the evening playing board game after board game.

7. Hike. Go for an adventure with the kids by hiking through your local national park or hiking trails you haven't been on before.

8. Catch lightning bugs. And make sure to let them go again.

9. Plant a garden. Build a garden together in your backyard.

10. Have a water balloon fight.

11. Go to a children's concert. Check for family outdoor concerts in your area.

12. See a matinee. Beat the heat by cooling down in the movie theater together.

13. Check out the stars. Head to the country, or even the local baseball field, to view the summer night sky. Bring a star chart.

14. Play miniature golf.

15. Head to the farm. Goat farm, horse farm, or dairy farm — take your pick. No matter what farm you choose, you'll all have fun.

16. Make your own ice pops.

17. Read. Pick a chapter book or two (with the length depending on the ages of your kids), and pour yourselves into it over these last few nights and weeks of summer.

18. Have a party. Invite your children's' friends over for an afternoon of watermelon, sprinklers, and good summer fun.

19. Make s'mores. Even if you have to throw them in the microwave, don't miss out on this summer time treat.

20. Go to a game. Attend a minor league baseball game and cheer on your local team.

21. Visit a farmers' market. Shop local, eat local, and have some fun getting to know farmers in your community.

22. Ride the train. Take a train somewhere, a short trip to the next town for the day or a scenic trip through the country.

23. Go fishing. Take the kids fishing. Even if you don't catch anything, it will make for great bonding time.

 Pick your favorites, then get out there and have some last minute summer fun. What do you plan to do?