Whether you love making crafts with your kids or just need a seasonally appropriate way to keep them entertained, Valentine's Day offers the perfect opportunity for both. And to make your life just a little easier, we've rounded up 21 of the cutest, easiest, and most creative Valentine's Day crafts the web has to offer.

Valentine's Crafts for Every Occasion

1. Message in a Bottle. Make a Valentine's Day Message in a Bottle — and send it off to someone you love.

2. Pasta Hearts. Play with your food! Even toddlers can get in on the action and help with this easy Pasta Heart Craft.

3. Crayon Hearts. Recycle old, broken crayons into Crayon Hearts by melting the pieces in a heart-shaped cookie or muffin tin, and then allowing them to cool.

4. Pucker Up Lip Gloss. Have a tween girl in the house? Make these cute little containers of homemade lip gloss out of Vaseline and Kool-aid.

5. Valentine's Day Craft Lunchboxes. If you're really organized, you can make Valentine's Day craft lunchboxes for your kids. Fill each box with heart-themed arts and craft supplies, and then let little imaginations run wild.

6. Heart-Shaped Pot Holders. Looking for a craft project that requires a bit more skill? Try these Heart-Shaped Pot Holders from craft queen Martha Stewart.

7. Love Rocks. Gather your painting supplies and paint some "love rocks." Put several in a bowl as a Valentine's decoration, or return them to nature so others can find a special surprise that will warm their heart.

8. Valentine Bookmarks. Raising a reader? Create Valentine bookmarks out of pipe cleaners, and then give some away as gifts and save the others for your own family.

9. Mosaic Hearts. A Mosaic Heart is a fun Valentine craft for kids of all ages, particularly those who enjoy art projects.

10. String of Hearts Chandelier. Take paper chains a step further and help your kids build a String of Hearts Chandelier to hang over your dinner table.

11. Peppermint Hearts. Use leftover Christmas candy canes to create these festive (and edible) Peppermint Hearts.

12. Hanging Heart Characters. Construction paper, doilies, and some googly eyes will help you create these funny Hanging Heart Characters.

13. Love Bugs. Model Magic, foam heart stickers, and pipe cleaners are perfect for making Love Bugs with toddlers and preschoolers.

14. Marshmallow Love Bugs. These Marshmallow Love Bugs are also adorable — and delicious.

15. DIY Photo Frame. Turn an empty heart-shaped candy box into this sweet Frame of Heart.

16. Valentine's Day Rainbow Wall. Teach toddlers their colors with a rainbow of hearts by working together on a Valentine's Day Rainbow Wall.

17. Heart Button Craft. This Heart Button Craft is also great for helping toddlers learn colors, and it allows them to practice their fine motor skills too.

18. Heart-Shaped Bath Fizzies. Homemade Heart-Shaped Bath Fizzies are fun to make — and even more fun to use.

19. Playdough Valentine's Ornaments. Start by whipping up a batch of sparkly homemade playdough (complete with red Valentine's Day glitter), and then use heart-shaped cookie cutters to create these Playdough Valentine's Ornaments.

20. Valentine's Day S'mores. Do recipes count as crafts? When they require this much work they do! Older kids who know their way around the kitchen will enjoy the challenge of making these heart-shaped Valentine's Day S'mores.

21. DIY Robot Cards. Valentine's cards don't always have to feature puppies and kittens. Step out of the box this year and make these DIY Robot Valentine's Cards to share with those you love.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day by making crafts with your kids?