Whether your children are on spring break or getting ready for it, it's good to have at least a little bit of a plan for filling the days. But not everyone can take a full vacation when school lets out. If you're flying the friendly skies, lounging on a warm beach, or grabbing a quick getaway, you can still plan for family fun. We know you need time to rest, but when your children are ready for a little routine and you've run out of ideas, we have great spring break activities for kids of all ages.

1. Find twigs, rocks, and leaves in the yard, on a walk at your local park, or on a short hike.

2. Experiment with the best way to dye eggs (come Easter, you'll be ahead of the game).

3. Check out kid-friendly recipes your family will need for all those leftover eggs you'll soon have in your fridge.

4. After sorting and trying on seasonal clothes, make a list of clothes that are needed for the next few months.

5. Compare clothing prices at stores or websites with prices at thrift stores. Add up the savings.

6. Visit your local botanical gardens.

7. Before storing winter boots, let the kids put them on one last time and pull up weeds in the garden for spring planting prep.

8. Choose or purchase a new family game and set up a game night, complete with snacks.

9. Check out a load of books from the library. Here's a great list of 15 classic books your young child should know.

10. Go on a picnic.

11. Camp in the backyard.

12. Swap babysitting with another family so both couples can have one spring break date night.

13. Talk about possible summer camp options. What will work best for your schedules? How will you make it work?

14. Plan and make a meal with the whole family, and take it to a neighbor who could use one.

15. Clean out bedrooms and donate toys, school materials, and DVDs to your local charity.

16. Take an unplanned road trip. (But don't forget a few supplies and snacks!)

17. Teach your child do work a hula hoop, roller skate, or jump rope.

18. Take the training wheels off your young child's bike, and help him get started on just two wheels.

19. Take the family to a restaurant you never go to.

20. Create a child safety kit. It may be the perfect time when you're not bound by the school schedule.

21. If they complain of boredom, give 'em some chores.