Show your appreciation for your mom — or the mother of your children — with acts of service throughout the month or year as a memorable Mother's Day gift. Either create a coupon booklet or deliver a gift of service a day. Many of these activities kids can do (some with a little help from an adult). What a generous way to make the mom in your life feel extra special!

1. Make a card. Tell her how much you love and appreciate her with a thoughtful homemade card. If your child is too young to write, help him put his handprint on the card.

2. Donate to a cause. Does your mom (or wife) have a favorite charity or a cause she's particularly passionate about? Send a donation in her name or collect items that the organization especially needs.

3. Arrange childcare. Dads, find a babysitter to watch the kids while you take your wife out for a date night. Or you stay home while she heads out for a girls night out or for some time on her own.

4. Brighten her ride. Wash her car, clear out the trash, vacuum it, clean the windows and refuel.

5. Prepare dinner. Even if your culinary abilities are limited to mac-n-cheese and a salad, mom will appreciate your efforts. After dinner, don't forget to clean up the mess and do the dishes.

6. Deliver breakfast in bed. Surprise her with breakfast like a yogurt parfait, waffles. or a bagel and juice.

7. Tap your inner barista. Surprise her by brewing her a cup of coffee. Or, make a coffee and donut run one lazy weekend morning.

8. Tackle a chore. Pick up a household chore she especially dislikes like cleaning the bathroom, taking out the garbage, folding laundry, or dusting.

9. Hire help. Schedule a cleaning service to come in and clean the house or give a gift card for a maid service to redeem when she's ready.

10. Preserve a flower. Did you give her a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day? Turn one of the blooms into a keepsake by pressing it for her.

11. Run errands. Offer to run a list of her errands or arrange childcare if your wife would prefer to run her own errands sans kids.

12. Give the gift of sleep. New mom? To a sleep deprived mom, a long nap or an opportunity to sleep in is almost better than winning the lottery.

13. Deliver dinner. If you travel frequently for work, have a pre-paid dinner delivered one night to your family while you are out of town. What a treat for a tired mom!

14. Schedule a spa day. There's nothing like a hair cut, massage, and/or TLC for those hard-working hands and feet to help her relax and feel like a million bucks!

15. Pull weeds. And how about a few new flowers for her to plant after you've cleaned out the beds?

16. Plant an herb garden. Moms who love to cook will appreciate a container garden of fresh herbs for the window sill or patio.

17. Create a treasure box. Help your child paint an empty box. Put a bow on top with a poem telling mom that the box is full of love. Here are the instructions.

18. Compose a jar of notes. For a special keepsake, write out notes on small strips of paper of all the reasons you love mom. Decorate a glass jar and stick the notes in for her to read through.

19. Request a signed book. Give mom a new book or cookbook signed by her favorite author or chef.