Let's be honest, most Americans celebrate Cinco de Mayo solely as an excuse to indulge in one too many margaritas. But did you know that there are also plenty of family-friendly ways to celebrate the Mexican holiday?

This year, spend the day celebrating Mexican heritage and pride with these festive, kid-approved Cinco de Mayo crafts and activities.

1. Make homemade limeade.

You don't need tequila to enjoy an authentic Mexican beverage. Let your kids help you make a batch of fresh limeade, and then the whole family can enjoy the refreshing treat.

2. Explore a Mexican grocery store.

Even though Mexico is our neighbor to the South, most kids don't know what constitutes real Mexican cuisine. (Hint: it isn't Taco Bell).

3. Learn about the history of the holiday.

Why do we celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Read up on the history here.

4. Throw a fiesta.

Invite a few friends, dance to Mexican music and serve authentic treats like tortillas, churros, and paletas.

5. Bake cookies.

But not just any cookies — create these cute Cinco de Mayo Sombrero Cookies or (if you have a lot of patience) get fancy with these Cinco de Mayo Pinata Cookies.

6. Make Easter egg maracas.

Wondering what to do with all those plastic eggs left over from Easter? Turn them into Cinco de Mayo maracas and make some beautiful music.

7. Eat tortas.

This common Mexican street food isn't quite as common in the U.S. but is something you should definitely try. Find a local restaurant that serves them, or find a torta recipe and make your own.

8. Decorate with Fiesta Flowers.

You will need LOTS of colored tissue paper to create your own Fiesta Flowers, but the resulting effect will be worth the effort.

9. Have a pinata.

Any excuse for a pinata, right? Let the grown-ups take a swing too.

10. Drink Mexican soda.

Jarritos offers unusual flavors like Mango, Guava, Pineapple, or Lime.

11. Make a Mexican pyramid.

Get out your Moon Sand and dig a little deeper into Mexican history by recreating pyramids built by the ancient Mayans.

12. Read aloud.

Scholastic.com has an extensive list of Books for Teaching About Mexico; choose several of your favorites and read them together as a family.

13. Watch movies.

You don't have to be a teacher to share these 5 Super Movies for Cinco de Mayo Lesson Plans with your kids. (Note: the films on the list are more appropriate for tweens and teens.)

14. Practice your Spanish.

You won't become fluent in a day, but online websites can help your family to master a few key words and phrases.

15. Make Mexican jewelry.

Preschool and elementary-aged kids will enjoy making these authentic Mexican Clay Bead Necklaces.

16. Play traditional Mexican games.

From "Stealing the Sombrero" to "Mexican Hat Dance," popular Mexican games will be the hit of any Cinco de Mayo celebration.

17. Take a siesta.

Most parents would give anything for an hour of peace and quiet in the middle of the day. So this Cinco de Mayo, tell your kids that you're celebrating by adopting the Mexican tradition of the afternoon nap. It's at least worth a try, right?