Ah, 5-year-olds. Suddenly so capable of doing so much for themselves, and yet still such babies in so many ways. Give your 5-year-old a bit of responsibility around the house, and watch him rise to the challenge and take pride in his ability to contribute to the family.

Good household chores for a 5-year-old include:

1. Make his bed. Even if it isn't perfect, get him in the habit now.

2. Wipe the baseboards. A damp cloth or paper towel is all that is needed, and your back will thank you once you no longer have to bend over and perform this task.

3. Sweep the floor. You may need to invest in a shorter broom, but 5-year-olds are perfectly capable of sweeping up the crumbs they create.

4. Use a dustbuster or small vaccuum. Most 5-year-olds enjoy this task, especially if they love tools and machines.

5. Put away folded laundry. If they can reach the drawers, they should be able to do this easily.

6. Set the table. Napkins, forks, and knives can all be set out with the help of an older sibling, 5-year-olds may also be able to get drinks.

7. Clear dirty dishes after a meal. Whether they go into the dishwasher or just the sink, you'll appreciate this assistance when you're tired at the end of the day.

8. Empty small waste baskets. He may not be ready to take your trash to the curb, but your 5-year-old can empty small bath and bedroom waste baskets into a large trash can.

9. Wipe kitchen and bath counters. Use water or a natural cleaner (and maybe a step stool so he can reach.)

10. Dust the furniture. Dusting is a simple task, especially with the aid of a Swiffer.

11. Clean up after himself. As fun as they are, 5-year-olds have a tendency to leave mess and destruction in their wake. They are also perfectly capable of cleaning up each and every mess they make.

12. Carry in groceries. Tired of lugging in the grocery bags by yourself? Expect your 5-year-old to carry some of the lighter ones.

13. Feed pets. Put burgeoning math skills to work by having your 5-year-old scoop and measure food for Fido.

14. Water plants. Dumping water on anything? That is any 5-year-old's idea of a good time.

15. Help in the kitchen. From washing vegetables to heating food in the microwave, 5-year-olds are more capable than you think. Give them a task and watch them rise to the occasion.

What chores do your 5-year-olds do? Any that aren't on our list?