What’s better than celebrating Father’s Day with your dad? How about celebrating with your father and grandfather? That’s a day worth commemorating with a special outing.

But what to do? What activities can you come up with that will satisfy three people spanning multiple generations? The possibilities are endless, of course, but we decided to come up with a list to get you started.

1. Go Fishing

Few things say relaxation like spending some time outdoors on a boat or on a dock with a fishing pole in your hand while surrounded by those closest to you.

2. Head to a Ballgame

It’s June, and that means it’s baseball season. Score some tickets to game with your local team and enjoy an afternoon or evening at the ballpark.

3. Hit the Grill

Is there a recipe that you’ve been dying to try? Gather the men in your life and ask them to help you make it and enjoy it.

4. Build Something

Are you handy? Maybe there’s a project that you’ve been putting off. Father’s Day might be a good time to start it.

5. Go Golfing

The great thing about golf is the time it affords you and those you love to spend together. Sure, it can be expensive and frustrating, but if you set aside the competition and focus on the camaraderie, it can be a perfect family outing.

6. Chat and Drive

Gas up the car and head out on the highway. Just being together on an adventure can spur some of the best talks.

7. Share Family History

Are there places in your city or town that hold special meaning for your family? Maybe this is a good time to gather your dad and granddad and visit them together to relive meaningful moments and learn about your family’s past.

8. Seek History

Another idea is to seek out the history of your neck of the woods. Are there historical sites you’ve always wanted to visit? Impress upon your father and grandfather how special it would be if they joined you on this journey.

9. Go to a Favorite Restaurant

Everyone loves comfort food. Take this time to visit your favorite eatery and indulge in your food whims with those you love.

10. Get Photos Taken

Life goes by too quickly. This might be a perfect opportunity to hire a photographer and have some professional photos taken of you, your dad, and granddad. Capturing the joy you share together never goes out of style.

11. Everyone Picks an Activity

Let’s say that you love golf, your dad likes to eat, and your grandfather loves to shoot pool. Divvy up the day by allowing each person to select an activity. That way everyone wins!

12. Volunteer

Giving back is always a good idea. And it’s even better when you can do it with those you cherish. This is serious bond-building time.  

13. Head Into Nature

What’s in your town? Do you live by the beach? Near the mountains? Close to a lake? We sometimes take nature spots for granted and fail to see their beauty. Take the time this Father’s Day to get closer to nature near you and ask your father and grandfather to join you.

14. Take a Trip

If you’ve got the time and the money, why not make this Father’s Day extra special with a quick overnight getaway. Pack up the car and head for a spot you’ve all wanted to see and make it happen. You only have so many days in this life, so you’d better make them count.