Fitting in a workout every day while raising young children can be tough. If you didn't make it to the gym, or out for a walk or run on your own, there are plenty of ways to get physical activity with your children during the day. Chances are, they'll love it.

1. Run. Run alongside your child while he riding his bike or scooter.

2. Use the playground as an obstacle course. Together with your child, create a route around and through equipment at a park or playground. Then race down slides, up ladders, through tunnels, and across bridges.

3. Dance. Put on a CD of fast, high-energy songs and dance with your kids all the way through. These do not have to be songs for children. Throw in your favorite hits from the 80s, oldies, classic rock 'n roll, band music, or cheesy pop songs — whatever gets you moving.

4. Work in exercise throughout the day. Do quick intervals here and there: 20 pushups in the morning, 30 jumping jacks at noon, and 3 sets of lunges before supper. Don't forget to warm up and stretch.

5. Haul weight. Take a short walk while carrying your child on your back. He'll love it, and you'll get a great workout.

6. Use the playground as your gym. Use monkey bars for doing pull-ups, ladders for standing push-ups, slides for running up (as long as no one is sliding down), and poles for climbing.

7. Workout with your baby. For guidance, check out these videos: Exercises With Your Baby from Lindsay Brin's Mom's Into Fitness.

8. Pull weight. Take a long walk while pulling your kids in a wagon.

9. Push weight. Push your kids around the yard in a wheelbarrow.

10. Show them your workout. Invite your child to join you while you follow a television or video workout. They can practice physical and cognitive skills while listening to the instructions and following directions. Even if you can't complete the whole thing, you will have done something.

11. Play chase. Toddlers are always trying to run off, right? Here's their chance to do it — with permission.

12. Use them for strength training. Do squats while lifting your child up, holding on to her with both arms. A few repetitions, and you'll be feeling the workout in your legs and arms.

13. Shoot baskets, kick balls. Basketball and soccer are two great ball games that require lots of movement.

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