Spring has finally arrived after a long and hard winter. The flowers are popping up all over the place, the sunshine is out, and the days are becoming longer. But along with springtime comes spring cleaning – that special time of year when we clean our homes from top to bottom in order to make way for the next season. It may seem like a daunting task with little ones in the house, but there are plenty of tasks that you can assign them so they can help out too! The more hands you have helping you, no matter how little they are, the quicker the cleaning process will be!

1. Sorting Clothes

Kids can easily sort clothes into different piles. You may have to show them how to do it, but once they get the hang of it, it's easy! They can efficiently sort out clothes to donate – if they no longer want them or can fit into them – and clothes to put away for next winter!

2. Household Chores

Even though spring cleaning is a chore, there are still plenty of regular household chores that need to be done, like: dishes, folding the laundry, and more. Depending on your children's ages, you can delegate these tasks to them.

3. Cleaning Their Room

This is the age-old problem that many parents have. But when the kids are little, it can be a bit easier to get them to clean their bedrooms. Maybe even purchase an organizational system or a toy box for them to store their toys. They'll feel like they are receiving more responsibility that way.

4. Clean Out the Fridge

This is a great activity to get your older children involved in the cleaning process. While you're busy figuring out what's in that tupperware dish from the back of the refrigerator, the kids can look at the expiration dates on any food or condiments that may be in the refrigerator, and throw items away accordingly.

5. Baseboard Race

Great for little hands, give them a wet rag and teach them how to clean the baseboards and molding around your house. If you're having trouble keeping them interested, start a little "race" to see who can clean them the fastest!

6. Sock Matching

Help the lost socks find their partners once and for all! Grab all the lonely socks in the house and pour them into a huge pile on a bed. Take turns matching up the socks. Then, enjoy all the clean socks everyone has!

7. Dig for Loose Change

Have the kids dig through the couch cushions, and any other cushions in and around the house, to check for any loose pocket change. Let them keep what they find, but also ask them to clean up underneath the cushions while they're there.

8. Toy Reduction

Have the kids sort their toys into two separate piles: what they play with, and what they don't play with, or have gotten too old to play with. When they are in school or out at a friends house, make sure to either donate or chuck whatever is in pile number two, or save them for your next garage sale.

9. Clean the Bookshelves

Have the little ones remove all of the books from the low-standing book cases. After they have removed them all, give them a wet rag to wipe down any dust and dirt that may have accumulated on said shelves.

10. Car Cleansing

We can't forget the car in the midst of spring cleaning! The next warm day, take the kids out to the car with you and have them help you clean it out. Give them a garbage bin to toss all of the trash into, and a bin for all of their stray toys and books to bring into the house and sort later on.

11. Yard Work

We can't neglect the yard work, either. Get ready for the days of gardening to come! Have the kids help clear out a little area, pull any weeds, toss out any old twigs and sticks, and let them have fun outside while they're doing it!

12. Bring Donations to Church or Goodwill

Show the kids where donated clothes and toys will be going. Explain to them that by helping you clean, they are also helping out others who are less fortunate. Have them help out at church or at your local Goodwill store to volunteer and help sort with age-appropriate tasks!

13. Cleaning Windows

If your children aren't old enough to use window cleaner yet, that's okay! You can grab a spray bottle from nearly any dollar store, go ahead and fill it with water! Have the kids spray the windows and get the fingerprints off. This is a great task for little hands. You may have to go back later with the actual window washing fluid, but the kids can get any stickiness and fingerprints off the windows for you.