Hey Moms! Are you busy? With families to get out the door, kids to drop off at school, places to be and things to do, it's easy to forgo looking well every day.

Listen up! You don't have to paste on a 30-minute facial makeover every morning. You also don't have to go around looking like you just completed a workout at the gym. Run through these tips for some real simple, time-saving tips to look your best pretty good, in a few minutes or less.

1. Save makeup steps by using a light blush that can be used on the whole face. Add color to face and cheeks using a big brush, and the same color on eyelids using a small, dense brush.

2. If you are short on time, just play up your eyes. A little liner, cream eye shadow, and mascara is a perfect highlight for your face.

3. Put hair in a loose, tousled updo. Whether you use a side bun, a low and loose ponytail, or a messy braid, leave some near your face and pull back the rest.

4. Wear big earrings. If in doubt, opt for big hoops. According to Trinny and Susannah, the British duo of What Not to Wear fame, they look good on anyone.

5. On hot days, keep comfortable and wear a nice-fitting tank top with slacks. To accessorize for a lunch date or evening out, add a long necklaces and bangle bracelets.

6. Wear glasses. A pair of nice frames that look great on your face can be a great fashion accessory.

7. In cool weather, wear a long sweater over a snug top, and complete the look with a pair of jeans.

8. Highlight lips with lip gloss or Vaseline.

9. Keep eyebrows groomed and hair trimmed. Doing these two things helps the most frazzled mama look put together.

10. Tuck hair back with a headband to fight the stringy look caused by heat and humidity.

11. Keep versatile pieces in your wardrobe. SheKnows Beauty suggests five great clothing items that are appropriate for work, meetings, and even a night out. And it's easy to update your wardrobe inexpensively when you have a plan.

12. Play up your personal style. Redbook magazine has a few fabulous tips from stylish mamas, all of whom stick close to what's comfortable for them without giving up a great look.

13. Jeans that flatter and fit well are one of the best clothing items. Make sure you have the right pair for your body type, and then wear with almost anything.

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