Couples: Prepare, once again, to be in the spotlight. Valentine’s Day is nearly here and that means, in addition to an endless amount of diamond jewelry commercials you'll see, you’ve got to step up your game to surprise your partner with a gift... or seven.

For many, “stepping it up” on Valentine’s Day equates to “spending gobs of money.” But don’t worry. Rather than investing in gifts that will cost you lots of dollars this Valentine’s Day, it’s time to invest in romance. And that doesn’t have to cost you a month’s salary.

Here are a bunch of ideas to consider.

  1. Recreate Your First Date.
  2. Plan a Picnic.
  3. Make a Homemade Bouquet of Flowers.
  4. Write a Poem.
  5. Create a Video Filled With Your Favorite Photos, Videos, and Music.
  6. Make a Puzzle to Reveal a Bunch of Small Gifts for Your Spouse.
  7. Cook Their Favorite Meal.
  8. Create a Photo Collage.
  9. Take a Long Drive Through a Scenic Area Nearby.
  10. Make Them Something. It could be a craft, a piece of jewelry, or an item that will commemorate your relationship.
  11. Buy Their Favorite Wine and Download a Movie They Love.
  12. Plan an Afternoon of Doing Absolutely Nothing. That means no kids, no phones, and no interruptions.
  13. Buy Your Spouse’s Favorite Snack.

Ultimately, this list is about finding gifts that are about meaning rather than money. We can all spend money on our spouses — that’s easy. Finding a way to make Valentine’s Day transcend the traditional trinkets is a challenge. Yet, it can also force us to think of your spouse, what brought you together, and how you can honor that in a small, but powerful and lasting way.

And maybe the most important and romantic thing that we can do for our spouses on Valentine's Day is to spend quality, uniterrupted time together.

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