Forget about the streamers and balloons. You can create an adorable ambiance for your next baby shower with inexpensive tools and very little skill. Here are very user-friendly decorations that anyone can make, and will blow your guests away.

Cocktail Napkin Flowers

Grab two regular-sized napkins for the main color. Add one smaller cocktail one for the inside accent color. This can be blue, or pink, or any fun, baby-like print you can find. Cut the edges of each napkin at the folds so they are un-connected. Place the napkins down, with the cocktail one centered on top of the plain ones. Fold in a fan shape, and scallop the edges while folded. Using a twist tie or floral wire, twist the center together before unfolding. Fan out the napkins. It should look like a bow-tie. Then, starting with the cocktail napkin on top, peel up each layer, carefully, towards the center of the bow tie. When finished, you will have a beautiful flower that no one will guess is a cocktail napkin.

Tissue Paper Flowers

These are similar to the cocktail napkin flowers, but are more delcate and make a ball shape that is perfect for hanging over tables and around the house. It adds such a wonderful, whimsical look to a baby shower. It's almost classy. You can check out a tutorial of exactly how to make a tissue paper flower from academichic.

Scrapbook Paper Pinwheels

Take your favorite pattern of scrapbook paper and fold it back and forth in a fan pattern. Take another piece of the same paper and do the same. Twist tie the two together, while folded in fan shape, in the center. Fan out each end and staple them together to create lovely patterned circles. You can hang these alternately between the tissue paper flowers. You can also use cocktail napkins or tissue instead of scrapbook paper. Here's a lovely example of a girl's baby shower with the paper pinwheels.

Baby Sock Bouquet

These are adorable bouquets made of baby socks. All you need is some floral wire and floral tape to complete this useful floral arrangement. Add some fake greenery and place them in a vase to pack a punch. See how easy it is to make a baby sock bouquet.

Diaper Cake

These are relatively easy ways to show a mommy you know what she needs, while giving it to her in style. You can get as creative as you'd like by adding receiving blankets, bottles, sippy cups, and bibs. Here's a great video tutorial on how to make a diaper cake.

Cupcake Liner Topiary

Take a round Styrofoam ball and hot glue gun cupcake liners in your desired color, all over it. The more you use, the tighter the ball looks. Add a dowel through the bottom and place in some floral arrangement foam in a galvanized bucket. Or you can put it in a Mason jar with marbles in the bottom. Here's an excellent picture of a cupcake topiary.

Cupcake Liner Hanging Heart

This is the same as the topiary, but you'll use a cardboard cutout in the shape of a heart instead of the Styrofoam ball. Glue a beautiful ribbon to the back and hang it on the door of the baby shower home.

Tulle Topiary

The tulle topiary is similar to the cupcake liner topiary, but uses a yard of tulle instead of the liners.

Clothes Line Onesies

Hang a small rope across a wall. With wood clothes pins, hang up onesies across. You can add a paper lantern in between, or cocktail napkin flowers to stretch the amount of onesies you use. If you want a more frugal decoration, keep the line up with the lanterns or flowers spaced out, and as the mom opens the gifts, hang up the outfits for you all to enjoy as the shower goes on.

Baby Shower Wreath

Unfold a wire hangar and rubber band diapers all around it. Using floral wire, twist tie baby decorations, such as rattles, binkies, burp cloths, washcloths, baby socks and other necessities. The bonus is the mommy can take home her wreath and use it all.

Washcloth Lollipops

Take baby washcloths and wrap them tightly in a roll. Fold over the two ends, so that they meet and safety pin them together. Stick a Popsicle stick in between and wrap the top with cellophane. Tie the end with a pretty bow. Set them in a bouquet style center piece, or as place setting decorations.

Baby Bottle Vases

Use baby bottles as flower vases. You can even use them to hold a couple baby sock flowers.

Empty Baby Food Tea Lights

Use empty baby food jars half filled with sand and top with tea lights.

Remember, a baby shower doesn't have to be traditional or pastel. Keep the mother's taste in mind and dare to try something different. Check out the 7 things a mother doesn't need before you grab a gift, then sit back and enjoy the party.

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