Summer is winding down and some of your children may already be back in school. Now’s the time to sneak in some last minute summer fun – for very little money.

1. Picnic

Head to a local park or river’s edge to have a family picnic together. It’s the perfect time to relax and bond and snap some great family photos.

2. Star Gazing

Keep the kids up and take a blanket outside on a clear night to spot the constellations together.

3. Backyard Camping

Set up the tent in the backyard and have a night of fun reading books and playing board games outside.

4. Fishing

This inexpensive fun is great for bonding time with the kids. Just head to your local lake or stream and stand on the edge to catch some fish.

5. Local Tour

Spend a Saturday being local tourists and checking out some of your hometown’s greatest attractions that you may not have visited before.

6. Sprinkler Fun

Take a break from the beach or pool and set up a sprinkler in your yard. Kick it up a notch with water balloons and a Slip ‘N Slide.

7. Hiking

Are there hiking spots near you that you have yet to explore? Now’s your chance.

8. Outdoor Painting

Take craft time outside. Head to your local river or your favorite local landscape scene. Sit down and start painting what you see.

9. Local Events

Check your town’s calendar. There may be a lot of fun and free local events happening that you aren’t even aware of. Now’s your chance to have some fun right in town.

10. Wildflower Picking

Create some beautiful centerpieces for your table or island by heading out into nature to pick some wildflowers.

11. Frisbee

A simple and fun sport for the entire family. Even your dog can get in on the fun.

12. Biking

Head out together for a nice bike ride either through your neighborhood or on a local bike path. Many town bike paths weave through beautiful scenery.

13. Camera Fun

Take out the camera (not the phone) and head to a local spot that you love to take some pictures of the kids and the entire family. This is a great opportunity for perfect shots to include in your holiday cards.

Each of these activities cost little to no money and can help you create awesome memories to last a lifetime. Not to mention the great photos you’ll be able to snap and cherish forever.