With summer quickly approaching, it’s time to hit the water to cool off and have fun.

Whether you’re venturing to a backyard swimming pool, an oceanfront vacation, or fun on the lake or river, safety is the priority. Don’t believe what you see in the movies that show a drowning as an event that attracts the attention of everyone around. Child drowning is usually a silent event, with no splashing or sounds to alert that there is trouble.

Don’t rely on floatation devices (rafts, floaties, etc.) to make a child safe in the water. Nothing replaces adult supervision.

Follow these steps to ensure your kids are protected while having fun in the sun and water:

1. Fence It In

Install an enclosed fence around a pool that is at least five feet high and equipped with self-closing and self-latching gates.

2. Add Alarms

Install alarms that alert you when someone is going near the pool.

3. Keep Gates Closed

Don’t prop open gates to pool entrances.

4. Maintain Supervision

Never leave children unattended in or near water.

5. Put Toys Away

Keep toys away from the water when not in use.

6. Keep Phones Close

Have a phone near the pool (or with you at the designated swimming area).

7. Keep Safety Supplies Stocked

Make sure there is a first aid kit.

8. Cover Drains

Keep kids away from pool drains and other openings where they could become trapped.

9. Make Sure Everyone Knows How to Swim

Now is a great time to check for both adult and child swim lessons being offered at community pools, as well as fitness and recreation centers.

10. Learn CPR

Learn how to perform CPR on adults and children. The American Red Cross offers CPR classes at locations throughout the country.

11. Designate a Water Watcher

Always have a designated person watching children who are playing in or near water.

12. Pair Up Swim Buddies

Instruct children to swim with a buddy in supervised swimming areas only.

By following these simple steps, and encouraging other parents to do the same, fun water outings won’t end in tragedy.