A few weeks ago, we took our kids to Legoland Florida for a day trip. The boys could not have been more excited. After all, Legos dominate their playtime and TV viewing, as well as play a big role in their reading. My oldest is reading some of the beginning Lego reader books.

Overall, we enjoyed our time at the park immensely, and there were a few things that we learned that might help other parents navigate the park and get the most out of their trip. 

1. Search for BOGO’s

Before you buy your Legoland Florida tickets, search for buy one, get one free offers. They’re around. Certain stores offer them and you can find them by searhing online. Typically, the offer is to purchase an adult ticket and get a child’s ticket for free. It’s a savings of about $60-$70.

2. It’s Not Next Door to Disney World

In fact, according to Google Maps, Legoland Florida is about 45 minutes from Disney. It’s a short drive, but enough of a distance that if you plan to visit both parks during a Florida trip, you’ll probably need to rent a car.

3. Arrive Early or Prepare to Wait

We went on a Saturday and expected it to be busy. But the longest line we waited in was the line to get into the park. There were only a few parking attendants at the front gate and a ton of cars, so it took at least 30 minutes to get into the parking area. That was not a great way to start the day with amped-up kids in the backseat ready to play.

4. The Lines Aren't Always Terrible

Visiting on a Saturday, we expected to wait 45-60 minutes for popular rides. That wasn’t the case. Most wait times were around 20-30 minutes, and we were pleased that they set up Lego play tables within the waiting area to keep the kids entertained while we waited for our turn.

5. Bring Extra Cash

Whenever you visit a theme park, you know that you’re going to need money for all the junk the kids will want. At Legoland, the demand feels heightened because of the amount of Lego sets and toys for sale and kids’ undying interest in purchasing them.

6. Bring Lego Mini Figures With You

Many of the Legoland Florida employees walk around with Lego mini figures attached to their shirts. The employees will trade you their mini figure for yours and our kids had a blast trading throughout the day. It’s a truly unique activity that the kids will love.

7. Plan Your Day Around the Sun

If you go in the warmer months, be warned that the Lego mini-world exhibit — which is unbelievably cool — is without shade. My suggestion is if you want to linger at the exhibit, head there when you first arrive or just before you leave when the sun is not directly overhead.

8. Pack Food and Drink

Like most theme parks, Legoland Florida allows small coolers, so pack lots of snacks and drinks, because you’ll be on the go and may want to save some money on food.

9. Junk Food Is Everywhere

There are lots of places to eat in the park, but the options are limited. The restaurants serve mostly hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, and fries. However, there are fruit options for kids' meals.

10. Make it a Two-Fer

Legoland Florida also has a water park. We didn’t visit it because we only went for a day. We had difficulty seeing everything in the main park in just one day, so if you want to add the water park to your plan, you might consider spending two or three days there.

11. The Rides Are Short

The creators of Legoland Florida know their audience is young kids. That must be why the roller coaster rides are short — most are about a minute long and don’t contain any crazy flips, loops, or twists. The rides we went on were all family-friendly and our young boys loved them.

12. Go When the Kids Are Little

With the type of rides and theme of the park, it seems that it’s tailor made for kids in the 5-9-year-old range. If you’re thinking of visiting, make sure you visit when your kids are this age because once they get older, they might feel too old for it.