Listen up, new dads. 2015 is a big year for you. This is the year that you take the giant leap towards either becoming a dad for the first time or embrace the steps you've already taken with your newborn.

Becoming a dad is a thrilling, frightening, challenging, ever-evolving, mind-numbing, sleep-erasing journey of joy, laughter and pure exhaustion. Consider these resolutions as you embark on the fatherhood path in 2015:

1. Forget About Sleep

You will be tired. There is really no way around it. No matter how many naps you take or early bedtimes you try to keep, you will be more tired than ever before. There will be days where you feel like you're in a fog from morning to night. It's normal. You will adjust — eventually.

2. Budget

There will be large sums of money going in and out of your bank account. If you were lackadaisical with your household finances prior to having children, get ready to change. There will seemingly be no end to the amount of stuff you will need and want. Keeping a tight rein on the household budget will save you big headaches in the future.

3. Manage Your Media

Your smartphone is about to be JAMMED with photos and videos of each giggle, rollover, naptime, play date and mealtime. Buy a hard drive and start to fill it with your new media. Also, resolve to either print pictures every few months or make a photo album online every 6 months or so.

4. Prepare for Overnight Feedings

Your wife will be getting up overnight to feed your newborn and it will help her immeasurably if you pick up a couple of nights per week. Make sure you know the routine — where the bottles are, how to defrost the milk or prepare the formula - that you are comfortable feeding your child. Remember, your wife is exhausted, too. Giving her two or three nights of sleep per week will be wonders for her.

5. Get Ready for the In-Laws

There will be visitors and lots of them. Your mother-in-law will probably be spending a lot of time in your home so get ready to share your space on a moment's notice. Embrace it. You will be grateful for an extra set of hands, trust me.

6. Forget Your Hobbies

Love to golf? Play poker? Build stuff? Play video games? Watch movies? Whatever your hobby is, prepare to scale it back. Big time. It's not lost forever and you're not losing a part of yourself. You're simply channeling your time into another purpose — raising a family. That takes time and care. Your hobby is no longer the most important use of your time.

7. Find a Dad Friend

Your wife will be undergoing a cascade of new and inexplicable emotions for a while. So will you. It will help you deal with hers and yours if you can find a trustworthy new dad buddy to share your thoughts, feelings and concerns with. It will be good for both of you.

8. Go to Mommy & Me Classes

Your wife will likely want to take your child to classes that help with developing motor skills and teach the little ones to play and socialize with other infants. It's important that you try to attend to see what's happening in your child's life.

9. Don't Be Intimidated

Changing diapers, making bottles and even just handling a newborn can be intimidating tasks. Don't let your fear limit your ability to care for your child. If you're nervous about taking on one of these responsibilities, tell your wife about it and ask her to show you her methods and it will likely put you at ease with a little effort.

10. Alone Time

Spend time along with your child to begin to establish a bond with him or her. They are so reliant on Mommy — especially if your wife is breastfeeding — that it will do the entire family some good if you take the little one on a long walk, to a nearby park or some other fun spot for an hour or two every day.

11. More Alone Time

It's also vital that you spend some alone time with Mommy. Find a trustworthy babysitter and try to schedule a date night every other week — or whatever you can manage. Even a few hours away from the baby to see a movie, have dinner or grab a drink can feel like a relaxing vacation.

12. Contribute to the Baby Book

You've probably received a milestone baby book as a shower gift. It's not just for your wife. There are developmental steps that you will see and want to share within the pages. Play a role in the moments of your child's life. Writing down your thoughts is one way to accomplish that.