Pinterest gets a bad rap for setting our crafty/culinary/beauty standards too high, but when you learn to use the social sharing site to your advantage, there's a wealth of knowledge and information to be found. For example, I may never throw a Pinterest-perfect party, but in the past few years I've discovered several housekeeping tips and tricks that have truly simplified my life.

Here are a few of my favorite Pinterest cleaning hacks that I've discovered actually work:

1. Dryer sheets will clean your baseboards.

They pick up dust and lint that a wet cloth won't get. Rumor has it they're also great for cleaning blinds.

2. Pledge will clean stainless steel.

Skip the special stainless steel cleaner; a pack of Pledge wipes is all you need to wipe the grime and fingerprints from your stainless steel appliances.

3. Bread will remove crayon from walls.

Nobody knows why toddlers insist on mistaking the walls of your home for a sheet of paper. But if you need a cheap way to remove the "artwork," a rolled up ball of bread (and plenty of elbow grease) will do the trick.

4. Vinegar cleans just about everything.

Vinegar and blue Dawn dish soap will clean your shower (just heat the mixture in the microwave first). Vinegar will clean your coffee pot too. And if you browse Pinterest's homemade DIY cleaner recipes, vinegar is the first ingredient in almost every single one.

5. You can scrub your sink clean with lemons.

Dip half a lemon in some baking soda and scrub until it shines. No chemicals or harsh odors required.

6. Running a squeegee along your carpets will remove pet hair.

The vacuum doesn't always get it all, and this is a great chore to pass along to the kids.

7. Lingerie bags are the secret to never losing socks in the laundry again.

Buy a bag for each member of the family. Added bonus: no more pairing and folding socks. Just return the bags to their owners and let them do the honors.

8. Microwaving a wet sponge will kill 99% of the bacteria.

Kitchen sponges can get really dirty, and should be replaced frequently. But this is a great hack for making them last a bit longer — and keeping your house cleaner.

9. Store your cleaning supplies in a plastic shoe rack.

Hang it over the door in a closet or utility room so that all your supplies are organized and easy to find. Cleaning won't be any more fun, but you won't have to rummage through cabinets to find the cleaner you need.

10. A straightening iron can be used in place of a real one.

Instead of breaking out the ironing board, save time by using your straightening iron when you need to remove a few wrinkles from a shirt or blouse.

11. The sticky part of a Post-it note can be used to clean your keyboard.

This works because it gets inside the crevices. Genius, right?

12. Line the shelves of your fridge with Press n' Seal saran wrap.

You'll never have to scrub the shelves again. Just peel and replace. Why didn't I think of that?

What are your favorite cleaning and household hacks? Did you learn any of them from Pinterest?