If your kids are like mine, they spent Halloween night admiring the candy they received. After returning home from trick-or-treating, they dumped the loot onto the family room floor and spent the next hour comparing, organizing, and trading their collected treasures.

Fast forward to today. What were once treasured sweet prizes have waned in popularity. Or their interest is still strong, increasing your concerns about cavities and sugar rushes.

If you still have leftover Halloween candy, check out these ideas for recycling and redistributing the goodies. 

1. Send Candy to Troops Overseas

Donate candy to the organization Operation Shoebox, which assembles care packages for military personnel serving overseas. Soldiers would welcome a sweet treat from home. 

2. Contact Soup Kitchens or Community Food Banks

They may accept the donated candy for patrons.

3. Look for Candy Exchanges

Some dentist offices organize candy exchanges. You bring in your candy to exchange for a healthy treat. The offices then donate the candy to a worthwhile organization.

4. Bring Some to the Office

Coworkers, especially those who don’t have any kids’ baskets at home to sneak from, might welcome the mid-afternoon snack.

5. Give Candy to Classroom Treasure Boxes

Preschools, childcare centers and elementary schools might welcome the candy to stuff their treasure boxes.

6. Freeze it to Use in Milkshakes

Nothing tastes better than a Snickers/milkshake combination.

7. Make Your Own Trail Mix

Add to a mix of nuts, pretzels, and raisins.

8. Use for Baking

Recipe Goldmine has lots of yummy recipes that use chocolate bars. 

9. Use the Candy to Help Little Ones With Math

Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you that counting M&M's is much more fun than counting fingers. 

10. Turn the Treats Into Science Experiments

Kimberly Crandell is an aeronautical engineer and mother of three. Her website science20 outlines some pretty cool kid-friendly candy science experiments. 

11. Save the Candy for Holiday Decorating

During the holiday season, those Skittles and M&M's make great gingerbread house decorations.

And the final idea for getting rid of the Halloween candy? If you haven’t done so already, sneak some candy yourself. No one will tell.

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