After years celebrating Valentine’s Day with your spouse, it can begin to seem routine. There are only so many flowers and chocolates to buy or favorite restaurants to go for dinner.

If it feels like this year is the time to throw convention out the window and try something new, we’re here to help. The only limitation on your Valentine’s Day celebration is your own imagination.

Here are some unique ways to celebrate the love and romance you’ve spent years building with your partner:

1. Couples' Photo Shoot

We get family photos taken all the time, but they usually involve the kids, the dog, extended family, etc. Try a photo session just for you and your spouse at a memorable, meaningful place in your shared history. The ability to focus on just each other might be a powerful reminder of the love you share.

2. Recreate the First Date

Want to earn the everlasting devotion of your loved one? Think back to the first date you ever had and try to recreate it, step-for-step. What were you wearing? Where did you go? It might be one of the most fun things you’ve ever done.

3. Do Something Silly

Few things bond a couple like laughter. If it’s been awhile since you and your spouse have been able to let loose and really connect, this is a perfect way to do so. You can try taking a comedy improv class or go sing karaoke in a bar where no one knows your name. 

4. Try Yoga

Get back into balance with your spouse by taking a yoga class. The exercise is invigorating and the mind-body connection is a necessity in our overworked, stressful world.

5. Dinner in the Dark

A classic Valentine’s Day date usually involves dinner. One unique option might be to find a restaurant that offers dining in the dark. That’s where you sit in the dark and rely on senses other than eyesight to enjoy your meal. It can be a revelatory experience as you enjoy a meal through your senses of smell, taste, and sound.

6. Picnic in the Backyard

If trying out a new dining experience isn’t for you, consider being old-fashioned. Grab a blanket, head out to the backyard with some of your favorite food, and enjoy each other’s company. If it’s too cold, try the same thing but on your living room floor.

7. Cooking Class

Another option is to sign up for a couples' cooking class. If you both love to cook – or at least love to eat – this could be a satisfying and romantic activity to try!

8. A Little Adventure

Sometimes in life we need to schedule some adventure. It can be a challenge, but doing something like sky diving or bungee jumping with your partner can lead to cherished new memories. Also, you’ll have someone to hold onto for the really scary moments.

9. Count the Stars

How often do we take a moment to just notice the world around us? There are a number of ways to do that, but one of the best is to find a dark, remote spot near your home, spread out a blanket, bundle up, cuddle, and enjoy the show in the night sky. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see a shooting star.

10. Plan a Surprise Getaway

If you arrange child care and handle all the logistics, it will make the date even more special. Try to find a location that’s meaningful for both of you or is a spot where you’ve wanted to visit but never found the time.

11. Write Each Other Love Notes

The art of writing letters and cards diminishes by the day. Our fast-paced technological lifestyle has made such niceties antiquated. However, if you and your spouse each take some time and independently write a meaningful love note to each other, it might help you dig deeper into why you fell in love in the first place.