If you're looking for an outdoor activity that kids of all ages can enjoy, look no further than your backyard garden. Gardening is a fantastic activity that gets people outdoors and into nature. Bring your kids along for the adventure and get their green thumb growing.

1. Let Your Kids Pick Their Favorites

A child is more interested in a project they can own from start to finish. When you visit your local greenhouse, make it a field trip and let your child pick some plants, too.

2. Mix It Up

Don't decide if you should plant a flower, herb, or vegetable garden. Plant all three! Also be sure to plant perennials that kids can see return next year as well as annuals that allow room for creativity from one summer to the next.

3. Make It Scientific

Plant seeds as well as small plants to compare the difference in growth time.

4. Attract the Animals

Look for plants that attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.

5. Get Colorful

Plant a variety of colors that will burst into a rainbow as the summer ventures on.

6. Encourage Them to Get Dirty

When it's time to dig and plant, get your kids involved. If they're part of the process from beginning to end, they'll be more interested.

7. Don't Forget Potted Plants

If your living space doesn't permit a garden — or even if it does — potted plants are great additions to any porch, balcony or deck. With a big pot you can mix and match different plants.

8. Explain What's Happening

From the time shoots begin poking through the ground, to the first blossom and beyond, educate your child about each step.

9. Add "Watering Plants" to the Chore List

Even toddlers can tackle this task, although they'll need a kid-friendly watering can that doesn't get too heavy.

10. Head to the Kitchen

When vegetables are ripe for the picking and herbs have reached peak flavor, have your child be a part of the harvest. Select kid-friendly recipes so you and your pint-sized assistant can make a garden-to-table dinner. Homemade pizza with fresh basil and tomatoes coupled with a side salad sounds like a great idea.

11. Don't Forget Gardening Can Be a Year-Round Activity

Summer is obviously the top gardening season. But remember the plants, fruits, and vegetables that enjoy the cooler winter and spring months, too.

More and more kids spend time indoors glued to electronic gadgets. Take the opportunity this summer to introduce your child to an outdoor activity that with the right cultivation could grow into a lifelong hobby.

Happy gardening!