It’s summer time, and that means kids should put their feet up and catch up on all screen time they want, right? Wrong! It’s time to put them to work!

I joke with my sons that when they get older — they’re only four and six years old — they’ll be doing most of the yard work that I'm currently. But there are outdoor chores that they can help with right now. In fact, many of these chores might seem like fun to them — at least at the start.

First, make sure your children wear sunscreen, appropriate clothing, shoes, and a hat. You might also want to give them gardening or work gloves. Also, make sure you’ve got lots of water on hand and give the kids a break in the shade every 20-30 minutes.

As for the work, keep it light and easy and, if possible, make it like a game. Put on some tunes and try to engage them throughout the activity to keep them motivated and feeling happy about helping out the family. At the end of the job, reward them with a treat or two, if they earned it.

Here’s a list of chores that should be appropriate for most kids:

1. Clean up the yard before mowing: remove stones, rocks, sticks, leaves, toys, etc.

2. Pull weeds.

3. Plant flowers.

4. Water plants and vegetables.

5. Spread mulch.

6. Sweep up grass clippings after mowing and edging.

7. Use the leaf blower.

8. Rake up leaves.

9. Hose down the driveway or sidewalk.

10. If you have a pool, clean toys out of the filter, clean the pool of bugs, and litter.

11. Clean equipment that is safe for them to use.

How do you get your kids to help with outdoor chores? Share with us!