Every mom has it. That drawer full of cookie cutters you use once or twice a year. Or maybe you make cookies every day. Either way, it's time to let those cookie cutters live to their full potential. Think outside the cookie box and have some fun!

Fun Toast

Cookie cutters are awesome breakfast sidekicks. Kids will eat pretty much anything if it's shaped like a star or their favorite animal. Cut toast into fun shapes or save the bread and simply press the cookie cutter into a slice before toasting it.

Exciting Eggs

Take it a step further with eggs. Spray a pan and the metal cookie cutters with non-stick cooking spray. Place the cookie cutters in the pan and crack an egg into each of them. Let the egg cook through then remove the cookie cutter and flip the egg. It's the perfect way to get them to eat that morning protein.

Fancy Fruit

Use cookie cutters to cut fruit into fun shapes. Watermelon, apples and pears are a good start.

Fresh Potato Chips

If you like to make your own chips, add some fun next time by cutting the potato slices into shapes before you fry them.

Make Crayons

You probably have a bunch of broken crayons in the house. Melt them down in the oven and use cookie cutters to create “new” crayons. All you need is a baking dish, aluminum foil and broken crayons. Get the tutorial here.

Carve a Pumpkin

Use cookie cutters to press shapes into your pumpkins at Halloween and leave the dangerous knives in the drawer.

Make Ornaments

Use cookie cutters to create dough ornaments for the Christmas tree.

Make a Bird Feeder

Use your cookie cutters to create fun bird feeders to decorate your trees and feed your feathered friends.

Decorate a Cake

Use cookie cutters to sprinkle defined shapes on top of your child's birthday cake. You can use your child's favorite shapes or animals. Or use a cookie cutter number to celebrate her age. Place the cookie cutter on the cake and fill it to the edges with sprinkles.

Create Fun H'ordeuvres

Use cookie cutters to create fun and pretty h'ordeuvres for your party. Cute cheese, cucumbers and more into stars, hearts, and flowers.

Decorate Your Home for the Holidays

Use letter cookie cutters to spell out Merry Christmas on your mantel or wire holiday shaped cookie cutters together to make a festive wreath.

Cookie cutters can be used in such a variety of ways and each one is more fun than the others. Get the kids involved and be ready for a day of giggles and excitement.