Winter is coming to a close. And when the bitterly cold weather is finally on its way out, we all breathe a little deeper. The change of seasons is always welcome, but no matter how happy you are to see winter go, your kids (if they're like mine) love the snow and might be sad to see it melt away. Make the last few days of winter fun for you all!

1. Build a Snow Fort

Whether it's a labyrinth you make with the snow blower, or a giant snow castle, your kids will love getting out there one more time to enjoy the snow.

2. Have One More Cup of Hot Cocoa

Hot chocolate just doesn't taste as good in warm weather. Enjoy one last cup, with whipped cream or marshmallows!

3. Have a Cozy Movie Night

Grab the blankets, light a fire, and watch some family favorites together.

4. Have a Snowball Fight

It's all in good fun! Laugh and tag team your way through a family snowball fight.

5. Make Pinecone Bird Feeders

The birds are always hungry! Have a craft day making pinecone bird feeders, a classic which all kids love.

6. Bake Cookies

You might have been totally over cookies once the clock struck twelve on New Year's Eve, but how about making one last batch of snowflake sugar cookies to go with that hot chocolate?

7. Shop the Clearance Sales

All things winter are now on clearance, both online and in stores. Shop for items for you and the kids for next year!

8. Do Puzzles Together

Puzzles are a great way to have some family fun. Break out the boxes and have a quiet night in together.

9. Build a Snow Family

You could even make it a competition. Build a snow person who looks like each of you or have fun making snow people of each other and see which one is the most realistic. Include props for extra fun.

10. Make Paper Snowflakes

Make awesome paper snowflakes together. Admire your creativity and then stash them away to use as decorations for next winter.

When you've had all the fun that winter can give, even your kids will be ready to say goodbye to the snow and get ready to welcome in spring and all the fun that the new season brings.