Somewhere between managing multiple schedules and making sure everyone has pants that fit before the first cold day of winter arrives, moms need to make time for themselves.

It doesn't matter if you work full time, part time or at home with the kids – if you're a mom, chances are you are in need of some "me time." When my life gets busy, I find that I tend to let some things go. Like, say... showering. God bless the creator of dry shampoo, for they have saved me from looking like a greasy hippy on many occassions. (Because of them, I can now look like a clean hippy.) Ironically, it is in those weeks/months of peak busyness that it is more crucial than ever to be intentional about making time for myself. 

I have learned that it doesn't matter if Mom Time is simple or elaborate, the result is the same. I walk away feeling renewed and refreshed and ready to face my life with confidence. Are you stuck in a rut and need to recharge your batteries? Give these ideas a spin.

1. Wake Up Early

I know, I know. If you are not in this habit, it sounds miserable. But, I challenge you to give it a go for a week. This is a habit that I try to attain and I promise you that the days I wake up before my children, I am more patient and focused than the days I do not. It gives me time to check in with myself and connect with my thoughts, which really sets the tone for the day ahead. 

2. Release Yourself From Guilt

Moms often put a lot of guilt on themselves when it comes to spending time away from the family. Just remember, you deserve this time. Do not burden yourself with guilt, instead feel good about the fact that you are doing something positive for your mental health! 

3. Schedule a Standing Date

It helps to have something (in pen!) on the calendar. Whether it is a night out with friends or a romantic date night, scheduling a standing date for adult time makes you committed to getting yourself that shower and leaving the house. 

4. Take a Bath

As in a bubbles-up-to-your-chin soak. Light some candles, put on some music, and don't come out until the water turns cold. 

5. Go For a Walk

Power walk or stroll your way to calm with as little as 10 minutes a day. 

6. Turn Off the Tube

Instead of flipping through channels, try turning off the TV 30 minutes to an hour earlier than normal. Research shows that reading or listening to relaxing music before bed can help you sleep better. Giving your eyes a rest from screens can lead to sweeter dreams.

7. Play Hookie

Sometimes you just need to knock-off work a little early and walk around the bookstore with a steamy latte in your hand. 

8. Get a Room

One night I texted a friend to see what she was up to, only to find her husband had booked her a hotel room as a birthday present. She was in bed, wearing a robe, reading a magazine while eating a room service dessert! Did you just hear a choir of angels sing? She was only a few miles from her house, but a world away from bath time rituals. 

9. Take a Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to throw pottery on a wheel? Find a class and sign-up! Taking a class one night a week is a good way to spend time with yourself and also replenish all those brain cells pregnancy and childbirth stole from you! 

10. Send the Family Out

Having a few hours to yourself in your own house can be magical. Just remember to resist the urge to do housework! Send the family out to a movie and eat chocolate on your couch while watching brainless reality shows. 

It doesn't matter how you spend your Mom Time, as long as you are making sure Mom Time is a part of your schedule. We all need to take breaks from the go, go, go in order to stay sane. Keeping yourself refreshed will lead to a happier, more patient, and attentive mama.