Summer is already half over. The lazy weekends will soon end and your time will once again be consumed by sports, school events, and homework. What will you do with the rest of your summer? We've got plenty of ideas, even if your wallet is feeling light.

1. Picnic

You don't need a fancy picnic basic or an excuse to take your lunch outside. Head to the local park with the kids and enjoy some free time on a blanket enjoying the breeze. And then head to the swings and slides for some fun.

2. Fire Station

Call your local fire department and ask about taking a free tour. You can even team up with your friends to take all the kids together. It's so much fun to see firefighters up close and get to climb into a fire truck. Plus, seeing all the gear that firefighters wear will help your children to be more at ease if your family ever had an emergency.

3. See a Game

Your town doesn't need to be a major league city in order for you to enjoy a ball game. Take the kids to see a local team play. You'll all have a great time.

4. Camp

Even if it's in your own backyard, the kids will love mixing things up by sleeping outside. Bring some fun snacks, as well as stories to read by flashlight.

5. Stargaze

With or without a telescope, gazing at the stars is so much fun. Head to the library and check out a book on astronomy. Then sit back and search for the constellations together.

6. Hike

You don't need mountains to head out for a hike with the family. Nature trails are tons of fun for families. There are shorter routes and many options to allow kids to hike safely.

7. Go to a Concert

Family concert series are abundant in the summer months. Search for one in your area and spend some time outside enjoying some fun music together.

8. Hunt for Treasure

Anything can be treasure for kids. Create your own treasure hunt by hiding items in your yard for the kids and making a map or clues. Or you could go on a treasure hunt for natural items like pine cones and squirrels.

9. Go to the Drive-In

The kids might not make it through both movies, but either way they will never forget getting to watch a movie outside with yummy snacks.

10. Go Boating

Check in your area to see if there is a program that allows families to rent boats or head out onto the water with an experienced rafter. It's fun and exciting, and you can cool off with a quick dip after.

Don't waste another second of summer. Head out with the kids and make the most of the weekends we have left.