Feel bloated, angry, and exhausted? Your body may be telling you something. 

Early signs of pregnancy can easily be confused with cold symptoms, stress, or PMS. It's important to know both the common and uncommon ways your body can tip you off to that bun in the oven. Typically, the alarms begin to sound when you miss a mentsrual cycle; but you may begin to experience other symptoms before a missed period. 

Think you may be pregnant? Here are 10 common signs that point toward yes.

1. Cramps

Lower abdominal cramps (much like those of PMS) can mean that the embryo is implanting and your uterus is begining to expand. And get used to that expanding. There's more of that headed your way. 

2. Moodiness

If you are screaming, laughing, and crying all in the same five minutes, you're not losing your mind – you're pregnant! You can thank all those extra hormones for the emotional ride. 

3. Spotty Bleeding

Many women mistake spotting for a short or light period. If things seem abnormal with your bleeding, it may be time to head to the OB-GYN.

4. Frequent Urination

Those kidneys are working double time to keep toxins flushed from your system, causing you to rush to the bathroom more than usual.

5. Nausea

Persistent nausea and vomitting are classic symptoms of early pregnancy. This is your body's way of screaming, "Get to the drugstore and pee on a stick, already!"

6. Bloating

Is your favorite dress feeling a little snug? Zippers only going half way up? It may be time to buy nine months worth of yoga pants. 

7. Headaches

Hormones and increased blood production can cause mild to severe headaches in the early stages of preganacy. 

8. Constipation

Sorry, it's true. If you haven't gone in a few days... it's not you, it's the baby. 

9. Excessive Tiredness

That baby is gobbling up your calories, leaving you yawning by 6:00 p.m. If you just can't seem to find your energy, it's probably a sign that you are pregnant.

10. Extra Mucus

The change in hormone levels can lead to an increase in mucus production. You may feel sinus pressure or have a runny nose for a few days before you realize it isn't the pollen that's making you sneeze. 

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, it's probably time to visit your doctor. While these symptoms on their own can mean a number of things, experiencing multiple things on this list is a good sign you are growing a human.