The mid-summer mark is just about here. Are you working through a bucket list of fun summer activities for your kids? Regardless of your summer so far, or what your plans are for the rest of it, don't let the warm months go by without doing these favorite summer activities with your children.

1. Count the Stars

Spend a night camping in your backyard and gazing up at the stars. No backyard? Just head to a local campground for an inexpensive weekend escape. Be sure to bring a book about the constellations so your child (and you, too) can not only gaze up at their beauty, but also learn how the stars can guide you.

2. Swim

Swimming is the perfect way to cool off in the hot summer months. If your child doesn't know how to swim, this is the perfect chance to put her in swim lessons. When swimming, make sure there are lifeguards on duty and never leave your children unattended.

3. Water Balloons

What child doesn't love a good water balloon fight? But they don't just have to fling them at each other. Try playing water balloon games to really get some fun going.

4. Kite Flying

Classic fun for kids, kite flying is inexpensive, fun, and gets your children outdoors. Be sure to fly them in an open space without any power or phone lines for the kites to hit.

5. Eat Outdoors

Whether barbequing or picnicking, kids think it's fun to eat outside because it's such a break from the norm. So this summer, plan on grilling dinner in your backyard or local park, or just head outside for a picnic lunch.

6. Eat Ice Cream for Dinner

It's okay to break the rules every once in a while, and that goes for dinnertime too. One night this summer, let your kids have ice cream for dinner. It's a great way to cool down, and they'll think you're the coolest parent ever.

7. Ride Bikes

The perfect way to have fun and get exercise, taking a family bike ride is a great chance to bond too. Be sure to wear your helmets and ride with caution as it can be difficult for drivers to see small children on bikes, especially drivers who are backing out of driveways.

8. Play in Sand

What's summer without some time in the sand? Head to the beach — even if it's not hot enough to swim, you can still play in the sand. No beach? Set up a sand table in your yard. It will keep your little ones busy for hours.

9. Visit the Library

Just because it's summer, doesn't mean your children can't keep up with their reading. Head to the library to pick out some fun books and have your child read a bit each night before bed.

10. Visit a Museum

Many museums have free days for local families or children. Take advantage of this and have a day of educational fun on the house.

Don't let summer pass you by without having some classic fun with your family. Before we know it, fall will arrive and your children will be getting back on that bus. Now’s the time to really enjoy yourselves — together.